Visiting Chicago

me and a group of friends r traveling to chicago il for about a week i was wondering if you guys could recommend a cheap places to stay and where to go and eat and see and are there any natural hair places to stock up on hair products while im there

Places to see: Navy Pier, Millennium Park, Museum Campus Shopping @ Michigan Ave.

I dont know of any cheap hotels. A hostel? There's one in downtown, but I don't know exactly where.

Maybe a native Chicagoan can help. I'm a transplant.

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IDK about any cheap hotels. I can't remember the names of the one's I've stayed at and I don't think they were

I'm assuming you'll be downtown. Is that right? If so, Michigan Ave has really good shopping, and so does State St. The Water Tower is a really nice mall downtown too. They have Lush so if you're interested in body/hair products you can try that. Also in the Water Tower they have this food court called Food Life and there's a lot of really good food in there. I'm not really a restauranteur so I can't recommend any really. I'm simple when it comes to food and whenever I'm downtown it's mostly to I think there's still a Bennigans down ther. There are also some really nice bakeries on State St though.

And oh, stop by Garrets and get some of their awesome popcorn!

And if you're up for the drive, I'd recommend visiting Woodfield. It's about an hour and a half out of the City, in Schaumburg, and the mall is just really nice. It has everything
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ok thanks for the suggestions i have to go to lush
Hi! I am a native. If you want an inexpensive hotel you have to go north or south of the mag. mile. Unless you stay at the Motel 6, which is east of mag. mile and for a motel 6 is pretty expensive, but check--it may be within your price range. Also, try the Hyatt which is south of the mag. mile--it's a pretty popular hotel because it's on Michigan Avenue, and you can hop on a bus and be in the center of things in 2 minutes or less.

There are no hot-spots for hair products, for there are no natural hair product manufacturers here. As the other post mentioned, you may want to visit Navy Pier and any area a bit north or south of it.
If you eat meat try a Chicago style hot dog, Italian Beef, and a Chicago deep dish pizza, but you don't have to have meat on the pizza, of course. (My favorite is Lou Malnatti's and Pequod's, but Pequod's is on the north side--AMAZING!). Pizano's on Madison near Michigan Avenue has a dessert called Cookie in a Pan--OMG! That's all I have to say about that one. We have the best heart-stopping food . If you are going to shop just go up and down the mag. mile, you will find everything. There are unique places in the neighborhoods north and south of downtown, but I don't know if you guys will be going outside of that area.
Our art museums--the Art Institute and the Museum of Modern Art are the best, well NYC's is pretty good, but you are going to be in the Chi- Just get to the lake and Buckingham Fountain, and you will have a great time. Walk around , go on a boat tour. I love my city!
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For food, I recommend Thai Classic in Wrigleyville, Piece pizza in Wicker Park, Orange Garden on Lincoln, and The Chicago Diner. There's a lot of random thrifts stores on the N. side...try any of them. Hit up Devon Ave for any ayurvedic stuff you may want, Myopic Bookstore, and explore Boystown. Candyality (or something like that- old fashioned candy store on Southport) is cute. Hm...catch a few concerts at the Metro, or The Vic. I have no hotel recs, lol sorry.
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thanks for all of the suggestions does anyone recommend going to china town idk
So far these are all great suggestions. I would second Lou Malnati's as the place to try deep dish. Also, who ever recommended going to the north side for thrift/boutique shopping was right on. If you take the red line the Belmont you'll see a bunch of cute shops, plus you can hit up Ann Sather's for brunch. Michigan Ave and the water tower are great for shopping, and State Street's good for that, too.

If you like latin food/dancing, I would suggest Rumba. It's downtown and they have great food, salsa classes, and dancing. If you're an expert, it may be too remedial for you, but for me who likes to go out and dance salsa every once in a while, I've always had a great time there. They have live bands on Friday and Saturday. If you like italian, Maggiano's is good basic italian food.

Other tourist places I recommend: Navy Pier, Millenium Park (the Bean, Water statue), Museums, Lincoln Park Zoo, Wrigleyville, River Walk.
thanks for all of the suggestions does anyone recommend going to china town idk
Originally Posted by boingboing

If you want to get some Qhemets there is a health food store in Hyde Park called Bonne Sante' the address is 1512 East 53rd Street 773-667-5700 and this phone number so you can call and find out what they have. You can take the #6 Jeffrey bus there. And yes it's okay to go to China Town.
I think all the other posts have summed Chicago up. You will find cheap hotels if you stay near the airports but then you will need to drive to the various destinations which can get costly with downtown parking costs and gas alone. There is always some type of fair going on in Chicago but not related to natural hair.

If you can make it to the John Hancock's signature room you won't be dissapointed...good drinks and awesome views of the city (the food - not so good). The good thing is there is not a shortage of restaurants and we now have the big influx of food trucks which most are very good and sanitary. The only draw back is you won't find many natural hair establishments or stores. If you check she does meet ups rather regularly and they are very popular. Many vendors are there but her meetups are mostly on the southside (hyde park) area so you would have to drive.


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I stayed at a Days Inn a few blocks from Lakeshore Drive. It was one of the cheapest hotels I could find that wasn't too far away from downtown. It was pretty nice too.

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