Major itching. Help!

So, I realized that for the last couple of months, I've unintentionally been using a conditioner containing cones. I didn't realize, til recently, that ingredients ending in -xane were cones . My goal is to be CG so this doesn't fly, especially since I've been using a sulfate-free shampoo since I went natural in August.

Anyways, my problem is that I've had some major itching the last couple of weeks. I'm assuming it's a result of the build up because I haven't been using any new products nor had I made any changes to my routine when the itching began. I figure I need to wash the silicones out of my hair so I was contemplating using a sulfate shampoo to wash them out and then going back to my CG routine. Any thoughts on this? Is there anything I should try before I resort to such drastic measures? lol

On side note, I am looking for a humectant conditioner with no cones. Suave professionals Humectant seemed like a Godsend until I read the ingredients while at Wal-mart. Any suggestions? Hopefully something I can just pick up at Wal-mart?

Thanks in advance
It's not only sulfates that are harsh. A lot of natural shampoos and shampoo bars are suuuuper stripping and have a ph range of like 9 and higher many times. Dr. Bronner's being one example. People have said Kinky Curly Come Clean, another natural sulfate free shampoo, makes their hair feel like STRAW. So I say whatever you use, see if you can wash your hair in twisted or braided sections. Because one thing I definitely notice is that when I use sulfate shampoo my hair begins MATTING, and BADLY. I can't even detangle it.

Try the shea moisture moisture retention shampoo.
Try bentonite clay.
Try an oil prepoo and see if like will dissolve like and help lift off some of the cones before you get in the shower.

Hope I'm helping?? :-)
Actually, it does help. I don't usually have too many problems with my hair matting but that might just be because it's not that long yet. I will definitely check out the shea moisture shampoo, it might be exactly what i am looking for. And I've heard so many good things about it and its effectiveness. I will try the oil prepoo. I've been wanting to try one for awhile and this is the perfect opportunity

What is bentonite clay?
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