After much anticipation, Curly Girl Collective presents the official video recap of Collective Expressions - A Celebration of Textured Beauty, held at Brian Farrell's Art Studio at Chelsea Modern in NYC. The worlds of art, beauty, and culture came together in perfect harmony at this vibrant celebration of curls, kinks and everything in between. The event was sponsored by hair care icon Miss Jessie’s, in partnership with HEART & SOUL MAGAZINE and Hypnotiq Harmonie, with 100% of the event proceeds going to our charity partner, Petals-N-Belles.

Curly Girl Collective :: Collective Expressions Event on Vimeo

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Thanks for posting. Sorry I missed this event. Great to see forward motion in the natural hair evolution.
Looks like it was so much fun. Good times!!!!

*sidenote* every time I hear Beyonce's run the world song, I just start poppin' and dancing. I can't help it. I don't even like her like that, but that beat is siiiick! Makes me miss dancing :'(

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