Straightening hair by putting in a pony tail?

I saw on some blog that you could put your hair in a pony tail and put large rollers in it--let it dry, take it out and your hair is pretty much straight. Does this actually work? I forgot who the girl was... I think she is on LHCF ! She has like 3c/4a

Help? I want to try this for the Dominican look and I don't want to put heat on my hair.
Doesn't sound much different from banding your hair to elongate the curl or reduce shrinkage. I think that would work for me since my hair does straighten temporary before the hair tie when I wear buns or ponytails and take them out later - especially when my hair is wet when I set it and I let it dry. The problem is, you will have the bend from the hair tie.
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Yep, this happens to me if my hair is wet when I put it in a ponytail, but I don't know how you would deal with the line that forms from the holder.

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I think this method depends on whether you have fine hair or not, in terms of how straight it gets. my hair gets super straight from a headband and puff, like the ladies above. that may be a good benchmark to see how this method will work for you.

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