I've been thinking about trying the curly girl method I've heard so much about on here. I currently shampoo almost daily with pantene and alternate with a sulfate free shampoo sometimes. My hair isn't course but it isn't silky either it's kind of in between mixed race type 3c hair. I don't have problems with frizz anymore and it's healthy but I'm wondering if this method will make it look better and maybe allow me to use less product. I wouldn't mind a little more curl definition in the back where my curls are much tighter then the front.

My questions are is this method good for 3c hair and can it be achieved by using sulfate free shampoo or is it better to just poo with conditioner only? Also what are silicones and how do you know how to avoid them in products?

Also, what kind of changes do people with tightly curled and kinky hair see when they use this method? I've seen the before and afters on looser curled hair more typical in non blacks and they are great but I'd like to know if these results are also seen in black hair?

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