How do you get tightness?

Hey ya'll! My hair is a perfect in-between of 3c and 4a, and I love tit. It's become one of my favorite things about myself

While I love the whole look of a WNG or like when i cowash, then blow dry on low heat while extending the curl (this comes out fabulous!), I've yet to get an "out" style to work for me. My hair is SUPER soft and almost downy...and it frizzes if you even look at it. I'm not even sure how to describe it. It defines itself so well, but if I try to redefine the texture in a braid out, it ends up like a straighter version of my own texture. With twist outs, i've also get the same thing- my own texture just a little "looser" and frizzier.

So I'm trying to do flat twist-outs to get a pervasive definition, but I had a question. How do you get the tight grip on the hairs? Like I went to a salon and got my hair done for prom in flat twists, and my parts were so visible and gorgeously taut. When I do them at home, they're not "puffy" but you can see that it's not root to tip gripped.

How can I improve my technique and get a tighter, more organized flat twist/corn row?
hair type: 3c/4a, naturally super soft, and really prone to frizz.

i heart naturally curly hair!
Braid it while (only slightly) damp and using just the tips of your fingers.

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Braid damp and do more braids. I'm texlaxed to some kind of type 3, but naturally I'm 4a. With about 12-14 braids, I can mimic my natural hair to a "T". Also roll the ends. I like those Goody sponge rollers. I take off the sponge, grab an end paper and roll the hair around the bare, plastic stick. It makes for a really pretty, tighter curl at the end
My signature style: the "braid n' curl"
High porosity, normal elasticity, high density, thick strands, DRY (must moisturize/oil and DT a lot), tangles easily. Highly textured...curl softener+demi-perm color.
Straightened length: Waist (layers)
Textured length: (variable) full SL to BSL

Condish/Shampoo: VO5
Pre-poo: mild protein(VO5)+castor oil+tea tree
Steam treatments: 1-2x weekly
Daily routine and DT: Moisturize w/ Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose+Olive oil and seal w/ Avocado oil
I agree with Phoenix-Use the tips of your fingers keeping them as close to scalp as possible as you catch up the segments of hair. HTH.

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