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My cousin asked me for some good products for her 3 year old daughters hair. I originally suggested Shea Moisture products and told her to read which shampoo she thought would be best along with SM Curl Smoothie for her twists and pony tails.

She called me for the name but she was at Walmart and I told he only Target and Walgreen's sell Shea Moisture so I told her to try Tresemme Naturals shampoo and conditioner. She said the kiddie shampoos doesn't seem to clean her hair good enough so that's why she was trying something else. I've use SM on my boys and when they had a lot of hair and it especially worked good for them. She asked about Creme of Nature and Olive Oil (??) but it told her I haven't used those. I don't know if those are harsh for kids or not.

I suggested Tresemme because using on my own hair if felt gentle and moisturizing so I figured it should be good for a 3 yr old.

Do you ladies think that was a good alternative and can you think of any other adult products that would be good on a child hair? I did tell her to stay away from mineral oil, and not to be afraid to try the "white" products.
VO5 is pretty good.
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I don't understand why the kiddie shampoos don't clean her hair....the most a three year old should have in her hair would be dirt/sand from playing and maybe excess oil and sweat. If the mother isn't using mineral oil products, then most likely there isn't any build up to remove. I'd ask the mom what exactly she means by doesn't clean her hair enough...i mean her hair doesn't have to be squeeky clean.

As far as products...because of the likely hood of eye irritation from adult shampoos, I'd suggest sticking with a kiddie shampoo or some tear free or non eye irritating shampoo and follow with a rich conditioner....any of the suave and V05 lines should do. Also tressume, aussie moist, Gainer Fructis, and a few other lines for conditioner should be fine.

As far as styling products, shea moisture as well as the Curls for Target line (which just launched thier kids line recently) should be fine for styling.
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@NCC she uses stuff like Doo Gro in her hair I don't know if mineral oil is in it but maybe that's why it seems like her hair isn't getting clean. I forgot about the Curls children line being in Target now, I'll tell her about that too.
I don't really believe in kiddie hair products. Ive used kinky curly products on my 4 yr old since she was 1 or 2 and have enjoyed them a lot.

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