Afternoon all, I'm a curly guy in NYC and have been growing out my fro for almost two years now. I have gotten my ends trimmed every so often and I think I have pretty healthy hair. The only thing I'm not satisfied with is the shape. As it gets longer (which I'm loving, btw) the round shape is harder to keep especially because I almost always wear a curly fro. Anyone have any good recommendations for good stylist/cuts for my hair. I think the majority of my hair is 4A and pretty kinky (it's about 7 or 8 inches stretched at its longest parts). I've visited Afrigenix on the UWS for regular trims but the stylist I've worked with doesn't really offer feedback on an actual shape to ENHANCE what I do to my hair everyday. Furthermore, the whole salon experience is new to me so I need a little more guidance in this area. Do you all have any recommendations? Please include your personal experience and a price range because that is most definitely a big factor. Thanks all!
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