So I embarked on a journey to get color almost a month ago now. I labored over the decision because other than coloring my hair jet black, I've had a catastrophie with color. In 2009 the catastrophe caused me to bc...note that I had medium length natural hair then.

Anyway, 1st appointment the plan is to remove the current color, apply base color then highlights. Let's just say I that's not what happened. My roots came out orange and my hair was super dark brown. Not Good. They attempted to tone it down because i really couldn't take another processing. My stylist said we needed to give it a rest for two weeks and that when i came back we would remove the color and try again.

So for two weeks i lived with this aweful coloring and just made lemonade with lemons. Well the night before my next appointment they called me to say they had not gotten in the product needed to remove my color and my stylist didn't want to just do a shampoo cap(bleach my hair) to remove the color. I was dissappointed, very dissappointed, but i wanted to have hair in the end so i dealt with it.

A week later i go back and color is removed but only down to a color that was on my hair TWO YEARS AGO. I was amazed. My hair was a very reddish brown stylist told me that basically she didn't think it was safe to do another color remover then apply color. So she said she would foil in the honey blonde highlights with brown and another color blonde to achieve something similar to what i wanted. Let's just say, i wasn't thrilled at first, but i am growing to love the color. I would prefer more golden color than reddish, but at teh end of the day, i want hair.

I will say that i have noticed a few things about my hair:
Coils have become....something else...curls in some places and waves in others. I admit I have mixed feelings about it. While I do enjoy the ease of wash and go with less shrinkage (cause i hate shrinkage), i miss the coils that I had...I am a 4a/bish and it appears more 3c/4a. I was looking forward to when my hair grew out the coils that were coming...sigh

I am not at all happy about that fact that around my edges my texture was a bit looser anyway, and now it's just a bit of a wave...again sigh...

I believe that the color isn't really what loosened my hair, it was the color remover. I noticed a little loosenin after the first time coming up from the shampoo bowl, but i figured it was just in shock or something(yeah i know sounds crazy). I am living with the fact that this is going to permanent until this hair grows out.

So here is what I am doing to prevent breakage. Right now my hair still feels good, not raw or brittle or's just...loose. I am conditioning with Aphogee's Keratin condish (not the one that gets hard) and my shea mixture and sitting under my steamer once a week. I feel like this should help things out. I am going to do the hard Aphogee in like a week too.

While i am not thrilled with my stylist who is a very skilled colorist because this isn't the picture i showed her; I am thrilled that she live up to the reason i go to her...she protected my hair 1st and foremost. Other stylist at the salon urged her to just bleach my hair and she refused. Good move too, because she knows i have sensative hair in terms of color. The catastrophe in 2009 was mostly the result of bleach and she knew that although she didn't do that color.

I tell you ladies here's my lessons learned. 1. color is serious and best left to a professional. You don't know what you can happen when your start dealing with that. I always knew that but it confirmed my thoughts. 2. I will never henna again...why because in the back of my mind the henna i did two years ago...did effect my situation...can't prove it, but I know henna is extremely permanent. Be careful all of you henna ladies. If you ever choose to do a chemical color...know that it will take a long process (that's if you're going lighter).

I am about 4 days past the last coloring and learning to live with my new reality because i mean what esle am i going to do, but i am empowered by it. I always rock whatever so why stop now. It's growing on me a bit and while this isn't the summer look i planned, it is the one I will own.

Just wanted to share my story.
"We Live From the Head Down and Not the Feet Up" ~Donnie