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Newly bc'ed, and ready to go CG. (Lost sleep last night reading book, lol.) I hear great things about AOHR on NC, but I am confused as to how it could be so moisturizing without glycerine. Is anybody adding glycerine to it?

While we're all here, I'd love to know your pre-poo (bought or made) if you have one. I am considering bs.
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Glycerine is not the only moisturizer. Something can be moisturizing without it. Water is the #1 moisturizer and it's in AOHR. You can add glycerin to it if you want, but try it first without it to see if you like it.
Thanks. I thought I read that oils by themselves needed another agent, like glycerine to get the oil into the hair, but I may be thinking of something else.
3c/4a (too short to tell), Normal porosity, M/C
BC: 06/10/11 CG: 06/22/11

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I love this conditioner. I use it as a prepoo.

I wrote a review about it on Naturallycurly not long ago. I have copied and posted the section relevant to your query:

"I am also a little concerned that there are two different ingredient lists for this product. The first ingredient list is the one on this site and the other one can be found on the aubrey organics website: Honeysuckle Rose Moisturising Conditioner Product Aubrey Organics UK

I brought my conditioner from a shop in London and it has both sets of ingredients listed on the product. I believe that the ingredients list on this website is a bit misleading because it does not specify what is inside the 'Coconut Fatty Acid Cream Base'. Some people like to avoid glycerin and there is glycerin in this product but the ingredients list on this site does not make that clear."

So to conclude, this product does contain glycerin.

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I've never used this product before but i agree with coilynapp, use it as is first before you soup it up

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