Help please! Looking for advice...

My friend recently took custody of her cousin's two daughters and they are of mixed race and have type 4 hair. Well, my friend has poker straight hair and has no clue how to wash or style their hair (the girls are 7 and 10 years old). Today she said she was trying to get the tangles out of the younger girls hair and it was nothing but a huge knot. After lots of screaming and crying she finally gave up.

Can you lovely ladies give me some advice I can pass on to her? Product recommendations? Anything?

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Favorite Condishs: Suave Naturals (cowash) or TRESemme Naturals
Leave-In: CJ Curl Assurance Leave-in or KCKT
Curl Creme: AG re:coil or SS Hair Butter
Gel: HETT, GF Gel

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I'm not sure what she used to detangle, but the best way to do it is when the hair is wet with conditioner (she can also add EVOO for more slip) and a wide tooth comb or denman brush. Splitting the hair in sections will help too.

Here are some helpful sites that you could pass along to her to look at

Chocolate Hair / Vanilla Care
Beads, Braids, & Beyond
Happy Girl Hair: Natural Haircare for Kids
In addition, please make sure that your friend begins combing with a wide-tooth comb at the ends of the hair and works her way up, as it will help minimze the knotting. Do this in small sections and take her time.
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pantene curly hair conditioner if you aren't afraid of silicones
garnier fructis triple nutrition conditioner

spray bottle filled w/ water or water and oil
4c wiry thick nappy low porosity hair
Poo: SM black soap
Rise out/Detangler:
DC/: Avocado+ oil + Honey
Spritz: Oyin J&B
Moisturizer: OH Dew
Sealant:BSP/Bask tapioca cream

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