"Because then it would be obvious that she's using Essential Wholesale bases. I'm not sure if all of her products are Essential Wholesale (it looks like shs adding other things to other bases but for most of these things she doesnt have a preservative listed), but enough of them are to warrant her being cryptic in regard to the true ingredient listings. The names for some of them are even listed the same as Essential Wholesales. There needs to be a list of businesses flat out who are doing this as a reference guide. It's not only dishonest but somewhat lazy compared to other true crafters when pop up businesses are repackaging EW and charging the same prices and then going to such extreme lengths to mislead customers about it (ie: not really listing all the ingredients).[/QUOTE]

This is very interesting info....never heard of EW but just checked out their website and I do see a similarity in the ingredients listing between Zuresh and EW. hmmmm

I just experienced Zuresh for the 2nd time at the Orlando Natural Hair and Beauty Expo (2013), 1st came across them at the Zora Festival earlier this year. Was very interested the first time at Zora but did not purchase because it was a bit pricey and they did not have smaller sizes that were more economical to try. But I took the plunge this 2nd time and purchased the Curly Headz product for $25.00 ($30.00 regular price). I have to say their was much buzz around their table both at Zora and at the Expo. I purchased the Curly Headz hoping it would be my go-to HG wash-n-go product.....the verdict is still out on that. I need to experiment more with it before I decide. So far I LOVE the consistency and smell of this. But when it completely dries it is a bit filmy at least it is on top of another product I used. Will be trying all by itself...which if it works all alone on my hair it will truly be my HG product.

Have any others tried this particular product from Zuresh???

*Side note* strangely I can not find many reviews on the internet for this product line. It seems they have been working the Expo/Show circuit for a while now and thus more reviews would be available but there are VERY few.
Fine Texture
Medium Density
Color Treated
High Porosity
Medium Long Length