Hair thinning or is this normal?

I have uneven hair growth along both sides of my head above my ears. If I were to pin my ear back, it wouldn't hit the hair on the sides. I have been transitioning for about 3.5 months now, and I wear my hair in a set of loose cornrows, but today I noticed that the ones along the edges are uneven (left is closer to my ear than the right), and my edge hairs are very thin. Too thin, IMO.

When I relaxed my hair, I had some small burns along my hairline and my hairline receded a bit from years of relaxing and braiding, but since transitioning, the edge hair in FRONT has fully recovered, the tiny wisps that gave me a receding look are now sizable curls. But what's going on w/ the sides of my head? Is it normal to be able to place ~ 3 fingers between the back of your ear and the start of your hair? Also, what can I do to protect the sides? Will this area grow back, or is it just a unique pattern? It feels like there is no hair there at all - and if it is natural, why is it uneven?
IMO YES, on the 3 fingers thing. Well at least for me anyway. I actually thought i had a balding problem last year when i looked at my hair in the back by the back of my ears, but it's like that on both sides. It's ALMOST 3 fingers. But yeah, if i tuck my fingers right into the spot behind my ears I can count nearly three finger spaces until my hairline starts.
:S It's a relief to know that someone else notices this. The thing that gets me is that that area is rather tender, and that the two sides are not even.
Do you sleep on that side of your head? If not, it's probably normal.
Whoop whoop!
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