Stylist plans to relax JUST my roots...

I'm getting a sew-in'll be the first time. I told her I'm natural and she said she's going to relax my edges and roots so that it will blend with the hair. Has anyone had this done before? How will it look AFTER i take the extensions out??
Do not let her do that, what kind of non trained stylist is she?

Ask her to either flat iron the hair left out or do a full sew in.

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Yeah, what happens when those roots grow out and become the length of your hair?

I would do a full weave or find a new stylist (I might do the latter anyway...)
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Whaaat?? Do not allow her to do this!!!! The others have come up with good suggestions.
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Hell yeah better yet GO elsewhere ASAP

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Noooooooooo. Your hair can be blended with heat. Even then, make sure she doesn't heat damage you. I don't think it is ever a good idea to permanently alter your hair (straightening, coloring, etc.) just to blend in with weave.
here's what you should do...

a) find a new stylist... ASAP. do i need to explain why?!

b) get a weave w/ bangs. i say bangs b/c that's the only time i like full weaves....

my friend relaxes the front of her hair for her weaves. most of her hair is like mbl, and the front is like 4 in long. and even on the rare occasion that she wears her hair out (straightened of course) it still doesnt look quite right. i guess if you take good care of the hair it wont be broken off like my friend's... but the wtf are you gonna do w/ new growth? or when you want to wear you natural hair out?
tip of your ends maybe since you could just get a trim and cut them off but definetly not roots once your roots are damaged thats it lol trust me when i say your better off flat ironing...hope this helps
oh god...she needs to STOP doing hair RIGHT NOW

do not let her do that to your hair...what kind of sense does that make....GOSH

I say get your hair cornrowed and get a good lace front wig...problem of "blending" solved.
That's crazy, I'm a stylist and I do a lot of sew-ins, if u don't want a full sew-in (none of your hair is out), get a curly type of hair or you my have to flat iron the part that's out, but by all means please don't relax any of your hair

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I dont think thats such a good Idea... your going to be very up set with your stylest and your self if you let her relax your hair. You"ll have two different hair textures when you take out the tracks. Im with the other ladies get a full weave, save your self from the anguish frustration of having two totaly different textures which would be quite visible later.
How do you grow out "relaxed roots"? Does anybody think about this stuff...I mean REALLY think about it?

I'm not picking on you, OP, but that not-so-bright hair stylist you picked needs a dose of common sense. As it starts to grow out, you'll have this "strip" of relaxed hair. How will that work?

Do a full sew-in, and call it a day. Yes, I would find someone else to do it.
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Really? REALLY? Okay, OP. You need to drop this chick. Right now. Geez I hope you even see this before you go, because you will seriously regret it. Relaxers and perms are PERMANENT. The only way to get rid of it is to chop it off or grow it out. You do not want to ruin your hair that way. For her to even suggest that is just, excuse the socially unacceptable term, retarded. Don't even.

Seriously, like everyone else has said, get a full sew in (I actually think those are better anyway) or just use heat. Tell that crazy "stylist" as you're leaving her looking stupid that she must have lost her mind.

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Tell that stylist she must be outtahadammind!!
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I really hope I’m Not too late, but…. DON’T DO IT!!!!! Flat ironing is good enough to blend the hair or you can get a full sew-in. Even before I was “all natural” I didn’t have to get a fresh relaxer for my weaves. Nor did my natural friends when they got one. If she doesn’t know what she is doing, find someone that does. Obviously, she doesn’t have it together. “How will it look AFTER I take the extensions out??” Like you have some hair that is relaxed. Save yourself the heartache and get a new stylist.

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