Curl Definer

I like KCCC but I need to figure out if it's the product leaving a coating on my hair. What's the best curl definer you know of for 4A?
I can't really think of a specific product but for me gels, thick butters and balms work.

Aloe vera gel - the best for me because it doesn't leave my hair hard or coated
Ecostyler Blue - Soft flexible hold and keeps curls clumped together.
Fantasia IC Gel - Same reasons as Eco Blue
Homemade flax seed gel
Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie - Keeps curls moisturized, less frizz

Not all products work for everyone. You have to see what works for you.

APL BSL MBL WL HL TBL | porous, fine/medium strands, medium density
My Fotki!
Below: Typical PS bun

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