Getting tired of the afro. need another style

I've basically been wearing an afro since I went natural. I wore micro braids for maybe two months, but it left my with two thin patches of hair.(i had to cut some hair that had kinda locked together.) I want a low maintenance protective style. Any suggestions would be great.
Have you tried tree-braids? I'm so addicted to them. It takes about an hour to get them done, and they last between 1 to 2 months depending on the type of hair you use. Even more exciting, you can use different braid hair to achieve different looks. My fave are deep wave, soft deep, Afro hair for a natural look!

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How big are the braids? After the micros, I'm a little afraid to have small braids.
I rarely do the afro things since my hair loves to tangle up. I wear two strand twists all the time. I redo my hair once every two weeks while washing i in twists about twice a week. If I get sick of my hair i throw a head wrap on.
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Good question. I am in the same situation. Got the BC in January, have had very little growth. Tired of afro.

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Tree Braids can be any size corn roll. The size varies. But they give you illusion of micros, and it only takes a little over an hour to have then done! I will send a pic
I think that the two strand twist or coil/coil outs.. are a good idea, and you can also try kinky twists. They are much saver than micros when it comes to breakage and it's a nice change from the afro's... Also, I am considering trying nubian twist, where i can make the braids as large,small,long, or short as i want.

hope this helps
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