Satin pillowcase vs satin bonnet

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Since I have a lot of hair, I use a satin scarf and bonnet to cover my hair. A pillowcase alone would just leave my hair fuzzy.
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I can never manage to remain on the pillow all night long, so the bonnet is the best option for me.

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I prefer a satin bonnet because I can buy several of them for cheap and change them out during the week. I also feel like my face would sweat with a satin pillowcase.
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Like greenandchic I also use a satin bonnet and a satin scarf. Sometimes when I sleep they come off, so I also use a satin pillowcase just in case lol.
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Pillowcase. Bonnet only if Im in protective style. If it's a WnG letting my hair be free is best. Otherwise I get the matted down hair effect and I have to restyle.

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I use the satin sleep cap from Sally's The pillowcase just didn't do it for me, and I thought it was rather uncomfortable. I got the sleep cap for $2.50 so I just got a few and change them through out the week. I only use the sleep cap if I'm going to do day 2 hair though. I got my day 2/sleep cap routine from this video; YouTube - ‪waterlily716: My 2nd Day & Overnight Hair Routine‬‏
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I usually sleep with a satin scarf which will be on the floor when I wake up. So I have a satin pillowcase as a back up. Sometimes that's on the floor too because some during the night I've thrown the pillow. I have no idea how this happens. I sleep WILD like a lot of people in my family.
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Satin pillowcase. I can't imagine sleeping with something on my head.

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I usually always wear a satin scarf but I have satin pillow cases on my bed for those lazy nights when I just face plant into my pillow lol
Satin pillowcase is best for me. Whenever I tie something on my head I keep waking up to make sure it's still on lol

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I use the bonnet though I would give anything for a satin pillowcase. I gets hot under the bonnet

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Pillowcase - For a WnG, I pineapple with a satin scrunchi and for twists, I just sleep on it or add a silk scarf if my hair is damp

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Yesterday I did a wash and go and I slept on the satin pillowcase for the first time, this morning I got up and fluffed and that was it!! Awesome

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