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CoaCoaBean08 07-12-2011 02:36 PM

How do we feel about Karen's Body Beautiful?
Okay I've been here forever and I never knew they carried the line in curl mart. For some reason I thought you had to travel to a land far, far away to get ahold of her products. Idk why. Anyway, I was oogling the leave in conditioner called Hair Nectar. I'm wondering, is it any good?

That goes fo the line in general and your experiences with the products.

AllieCat0817 07-12-2011 03:22 PM

Hair Nectar is a staple for me and has been for a few years. I think it is 'intended' for looser textures than mine, but my hair LOVES IT and prefers it to the Hair Milk (now called ambrosia). At one time I thought I could replace Hair Nectar with Darcy's Daily Leave In.... I use both and rotate them or sometimes use both together. My hair seems better off with the Hair Nectar. My faves are Lavender Vanilla and Coco Lime. I've tried lots of the scents but I always come back to those. I always buy the Fanatic size. I wish it were less expensive but I'll pay it.

I tried the rinse out conditioner once but didn't repurchase because of the cost and I didn't feel it did anything for me that on-the-ground cheaper condishes do.

I know folk have had issues with service it seems. There were a few bleeps along the way with me, but they always responded immediately and remedied the situation quickly and to more than my satisfaction. Sometimes their website has 'issues' too.. and there have been times when their flash sale coupon codes dont work (and the sale is only for an hour from noon to 1 on those days). I emailed them about a code not working but never got a response that time.

The last time I used a flash code it did work.

I have continued to order from them during times when others have made their bad experiences known on hair forums- because I personally have always been satisfied and if I wasnt the situation was remedied quickly.

Also the sizes have decreased while the price remained the same. At one time the leave-ins were 8oz and now they are 6.7 oz or something like that. Now THAT DOES BUG ME.

I really do like KBB and will continue to purchase. And I'm GLAD I'm not near that store. This winter I plan to try some of the butters.

chebaby 07-12-2011 08:02 PM

i have been using kbb for about 3 years.
at first everything was great. great cs, fast shipping and amazing products.
then she changed the ingredients without updating the site which is a load of crap because when i get products i expect it to have the ingredients on the site.
i called them and told them the products that i have are not what i ordered. it looks different(i was talking about the hair cream which used to be a light whipped shiny butter, this order was of a thick heavy butter with no shine at all so it looked as if there was no glycerin added). they told me that there had not be an ingredient change and that the product was the same and the ingredient list on the jar was a misprint.
come to find out that was a lie. i swore i would never buy from them again because i later found out that it was not just the hair cream that had changed but the hair milk as well.

about a year later a local store started carrying the products so i looked at the hair cream and lo and behold it looks almost the same as it used to look but the ingredients on the jar are still different.

basically they have good products and bad cs.

NYCgirl 07-12-2011 09:39 PM

I love a number of the KBB products, specifically the oils, butters and hair cream in addition to the Sweet Ambrosia which is my staple leave-in after washing (before styling) my hair. Im waiting for some of her new products to finally be made available for purchase though. I received a sample of the Hair Blossom (its a moisturizing refresher spray) and I liked it enough to want to purchase it right away. Her body lotions aren't bad either. I will admit that I've experienced some bumps in the shipping process but its not enough to stop ordering. In the next few weeks I do plan to visit the store instead of purchasing online, that way I can experience all the scents before purchasing again.

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montREALady 07-13-2011 12:04 PM

I've only recently started using her products so I can't compare to the past. I love her Heavenly Jojoba hair oil though. Just bought Sweet Ambrosia and the hair growth serum a couple weeks ago. The Sweet Ambrosia hasn't proven to be anything spectacular compared to Oyin's Hair Dew or even Curl Junkie's Smoothing Lotion, but I've only used it a couple times so I can't give a final verdict. The serum, I've literally used once, so the same thing applies here. I have a sample of the Shampoo bar, but haven't used that yet either. I know, I'm no help! But Sweet Ambrosia is apparently their top seller and I hear good things about the poo bar. I love the smell of her products and the fact that she makes everything right on site in the kitchen.

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