Regimen Help?

Hi everyone! I would like help to improve my regimen!
Here is my summer regimen.

My hair has been in braids this summer and I've been washing it about 1 time a week since I've been swimming. When i get out of the pool i rinse my hair thoroughly. When i get home i shampoo with Pantene medium to thick with hot water. Then i rinse it out and apply Aussie Moist. I leave it in then wash my self. Then i rinse my with cold water. When i get out of the shower i split my hair into 2 and add my leave in Garnier Fructis leave in conditioner. When i'm done i apply my sealant which is Indian Hemp Grease.

I then let my hair air dry. Throughout the week i don't remoisturize.

I also took my braids down 2 days ago and my hair felt dry,and the ends were difficult to detangle. I think the chlorine is drying it out. Should i moisturize my hair more often?

Thank you!
I have been natural all my life

And i am just starting to know my 3c/4a hair better

Shampoo- Pantene Dry to moisturized
Conditioner/ Leave in/ - Aussie Moist/Garnier Fructis leave in LOVE THEM!

Sealants: Indian Hemp
Do you put conditioner or oil on your hair before you enter the pool? When I started taking swimming classes I searched "swimming with natural hair" and found sites like this that suggested different methods to protect hair from chlorine. I usually did a water rinse and added castor/olive oil and a cheap conditioner followed by a swimming cap. When I was finished I would just rinse my hair with water or occasionally more conditioner. My hair never suffered any ill effects. Try doing a search so you can find a method that may work for you.

As far as your end being hard to detangle... this usually happens to me when it's time for a trim.
4, fine, low-medium density, low porosity

"When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps." - Confucius

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