Using right products on hair.

I recently went natural and did the big chop ( 4 weeks ). When I did the chop, the hair dresser was so amazed on how healthy my natural hair is. But I was shocked too because I used products with mineral oil and petroleum when it was relaxed like Pink Oil. I still do sometimes like Blue Magic Coconut oil on my natural hair. I heard that those ingrediants are bad for hair. My hair is still healthy and doesn't have severe breakage. But my question is, since petroleum and mineral oil hair products are bad, then what else can I use? I've done research about those ingrediants but they never seemed to damge my hair. Since I found out about them, I feel uncomforatable about using them. Every product I use has petroleum and mineral oil. I've used olive oil brand products and I discovered that the daily moisturizer had petroleum. What should I use!! Help please!
Petroleum and mineral oil are not bad for hair.

Some people choose not to use them for their own reasons. Some people don't like the way products with those ingredients make their hair feel. Some people don't want to put crude oil by products on their hair or skin. Some people don't use products with those ingredients because they just like natural products.

If they work for you, continue to use them.
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