TWA Braids????

Hi you guys! Do you ladies think I should do braids ? I go back to school in August and my schedule is going to be on the heavy side. I dont want to mistreat my hair because of stress and lack of time. Should I do braids and if yes, what kind? Indivisual braids or cornrows/frenchbraids ? Which would be safer? How long would you suggest I leave them in? Ive heard that extra tension on my hair is bad, but I never had a huge problem with braids before.

Sorry, im such a Newb lol Im rocking 2 or 3 inches of hair, and I dont want another set back. Thanks curlies!
I'm in school too..and I was planning on getting some individual braids like kinky twists or nubian twists (my head is too big for cornrows or frenchbraids... lol)... and i have also considered a full sew-in in the winter...

I'm doing it so I won't have to worry about my hair during school and also to give my hair a break from all the constant styling that I do... in my opinion my hair grows a little longer at a faster pace when I have braids. And I prefer kinky twist or something of that nature because it's a less chance of it pulling your hair out ( ex. micros) depending on the type of hair you use you can probably try senegalese ...

when it comes to getting braids for school and protective styling... I say go for it! it'll be good for your hair and good for you at this time in your life..
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I would get individuals, kinky twists, or something similar. They last longer than cornrows IMO. STay away from anything to tiny, like Micros. You have to be the judge of how long they can stay in. If you sense they are weighing your hair down and the hair is being stressed, you should take them out. If there is no sign of damage leave them in for as long as you are comfortable with them.
Thanks you guys. Im thinking about doing pinky size corn rows and keeping them in a MAX of 6 weeks probably 4. Indivisuals are a mess to take down I like the other ideas, I dont know if anyone can install them for me though,,
I'm also in school and will be having a busy schedule this semester. I got my senegalese twist last month and will probably keep them in throughout the semester and redo the crown of my head once a month so that they look fresh.
"Very New Member"Same here.....wat r senegalese twist neva heard of dem

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Sent from my SCH-I500 using CurlTalk App
i did kinky twists when i was in school! in my experience kinky twists look really great when you have natural hair because it's similar to a natural texture...vs micros that are straight or wavy. the one time did wavy micros i sorely regretted it and it looked really fuzzy by the end.

i agree with inimitable...individuals last longer, and require less upkeep than cornrows, which i also did at school. if you can do them yourself, or you have someone that can hook you up...well thats another story.

also...sidenote, moisturizing is still super important. for some reason i forget that i actually need to take care of my hair when i have extensions in...*sigh*

"Very New Member"Same here.....wat r senegalese twist neva heard of dem

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Sent from my SCH-I500 using CurlTalk App
Originally Posted by chocolatebeauty92
Here are some pictures of Sengalese twists.
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How about yarn braids/genie locs? That's what I think I'm going to do for my first month back at University in Sept.

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