What's your night time routine??

Hi all!

I am desperately trying to find a way to maintain my wash and go for more than two days. I can't cope with detangling so often! I think the key may be in my night time routine.

I have hair that moulds very easily - how I put it is generally how it will stay, so the 'pineapple' doesn't work for me at all. I end up with straight sides and look much like Don King in the mornings!

Does anyone have any other suggestions for how to sleep at night with my wash and go?

Thanks in advance, and sorry if this has been a thread already. I'm a newbie!!! x
My hair sounds really similar to yours, when I try to pineapple it is just a hot mess when I take it down in the morning. I put my hair in five or six loose twists (sometimes I'll put oil on my hair) and then take them out in the morning. That has been the best thing for me, and it allows me to keep my wash and go for about three days. If I feel that it is looking to dry or frizzy, I'll spray my hair with some water or a water and conditioner mix and put some oil on top, and then do the same twist method. Hope this helps!
Togy, thanks.
I'm going to give this a go! I'll let you know how it goes! x
I put my hair in 8 pineapples. 2 on top, 1 on each side, and 4 in the back. When I get up in the morning I take them down and fluff out the parts. I get stretched, fluffy, big hair and still keep my definition by leaving the ends alone. I get very few tangles this way too.
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i put my durag on and sleep on my hott pink silk pillow!
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i put my durag on and sleep on my hott pink silk pillow!
Originally Posted by whoisMichaelCarlos
lol me too minus the durag.

When I did wng's I just slept on a silk pillowcase. Misted with water the next morning and ran a light oil through it to "shape" it back to how I wanted it. Or I would let the steam hit it and it would pop back but the trick was to not bother it at nite. I would score 4 or 5 days.

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I'm dying to ask why is it hot pink? Are you speaking of something else?
Thanks Ladies! I will give all of these a go before I go back to work. I'm dreading having to fight with my hair when I have to leave the house at 7am!

Also, do you ever do your hair at night instead of cowashing and detangling in the morning?

Loving the hot pink pillow case! I need one of those! Lol x
Lol! I've just realised we're not all ladies!! Lol@ the hot pink pillow case! Sorry! x
I divide my hair into 7-8 random sections. Lightly moisturize and seal in moisture with oil. Use the banding method to keep my hair stretched out. Wake up & fluff out :-) now that my hair is longer o find that this method is working well, I am having some trouble with SSK's though
kinkycurlyDT, I'm new to all the abbreviations - SSK's?
I've considered banding but because my hair moulds into quite strange shapes, I have avoided it. Do you still have a definite curl in the morning?
My hair's only about 4-6 inches so...I pretty much just spray it, slap some coconut oil in it, wrap and and knock myself out. Same thing for my morning routine sans the wrapping.
kinkycurlyDT, I'm new to all the abbreviations - SSK's?
I've considered banding but because my hair moulds into quite strange shapes, I have avoided it. Do you still have a definite curl in the morning?
Originally Posted by curlylocs232
SSK's are single strand knots. I have very coily thick, dense hair. My hair is very prone to knotting an tangles.I do have curl definition in the morning, I just take out the bands and fluff, but not to much because I don't want frizz!
I have tons of ssk's. Not sure why as I keep my hair moisturizer and I don't use cones and I'm modified CG.
Pineapples don't work for me either, so I do one of these:
1. Put my hair up in a locsoc. It's like a pineapple without the "molding", and I can just shake and go the next day (I may spritz sometimes). There are other alternatives to the locsoc.
2. If I want to stretch the curls a little and/or I need to moisturize, I'll put my hair in twists using a hair milk.
3. Be lazy (or fall asleep) on my satin pillowcase. I can revive the squished curls with spritz and/or hair milk.

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I put it up in a bun then take it down shake and go. I cant w all the extra stuff im lazy!

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I'm a stay at home mom, and my daughter wears me out. So by the time it's time for me to go to bed, I don't want to do anything extra. So I just sleep on it with a satin bonnet, and fluff out any smashed areas in the morning lol. I use a lot of gel for my WNG's, and I don't care about crunchiness, because I have found when I sleep on slightly crunchy hair, when I get up in the morning it's frizz free and the crunch is gone for the most part. I might have to try the multi-pineapples, one big one would NOT work for my hair!
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BUMP! for this thread Thanks OP

my hair is JUST starting to get long enough where it tangles madly in my sleep...

I would love if someone could post some options for those who don't like sleeping w/ buns (they give me headaches when I lay down)...
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Well I tried sleeping with 6 twists in my hair last night. It didn't work - I woke up with matted hair, as usual. When I undid the twists, most of them look like dreadlocs instead of curls. I'm starting to hate my hair. I can't keep washing it every morning. I'm so close to going back to the flat iron. I'm a teacher so I'm on summer holidays now so I have the hours in the morning to wash and detangle. But when I go back to work in two weeks, this isn't going to work. Washing and detangling every morning, plus dressing and feeding a four year old and all before leaving the house at 7am! I don't think so!! It's a shame but I have to admit, for the 5th summer in a row now, my hair has beaten me. Pass the GHD's.... :'(

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I have some ideas. I will post later tonight cuz I'm away from the PC right now. I might do a video to illustrate what I do.

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