How to prevent my scalp from itching?

Can I get suggestions for products that will keep my scalp from being so itchy and irritating. It's getting on my nerves. I have 4a hair. My Eco Styler gel irritates it even more though. I just want something that can work with the gel and keep my scalp from being so itchy at the same time. Can someone PLEASE help me. I'm tired of dealing with this.
Jbco, castor, or coconut oil will help with itchiness. You can also apply a few drops of tea tree to a carrier oil. Tea Tree is good for a itchy scalp
thank you so much! I will definitely try those.
When I wash my hair I focus on the scalp. Conditioner only goes on my hair. After that, nothing else goes on my scalp. Maybe you can do a pre-treament with tea tree or peppermint oil + olive oil.
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When I wash my hair I focus on the scalp. Conditioner only goes on my hair. After that, nothing else goes on my scalp. Maybe you can do a pre-treament with tea tree or peppermint oil + olive oil.
Originally Posted by NanaGotCurls
I do the same thing. I also do a pre-treat w/ coconut (or oilve) oil, tea tree EO and peppermint EO before shampooing. I do an ACV rinse with the aformentioned EOs as well. This helps...along w/ shampooing (focusing on my scalp) every 5 days or so. I also keep product off my scalp.
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thanks everyone ! (:
hmm. where can i find tree oil or peppermint oil ?
You can find it online of course or I know the walgreens near my house sales it in the vitamin section.

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They have really good prices on tea tree oil at the vitamin shoppe. To help my itchy scalp I add rosemary oil to one of my shampoo. It's helped a bunch esp. w/ spreading the oil, and keeping my scalp cleaner/itch free between washes. You could probably add a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo for more benefits if you find you like it.
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if ecostyler is the culprit, you might be allergic to something in it and there would be nothing more you could do save for stopping to use it
My scalp gets really itchy and sometimes irritated but these two things reliably help: One, I have to wash or co-wash every 4-5 days. Going longer than that is a disaster. Two, I make a mixture of jojoba oil, a little tea tree oil, and a little rosemary oil in an applicator bottle and apply it to my scalp after I wash. This seems to reduce the itchies and definitely reduces flakiness.

Good luck!
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I've found when I co-wash that adding a cool ten drops to my conditioner (that I leave in) and massaging it into my scalp help a lot with the itching. I have sebohrreic dermatitis, so sometimes it gets bad. I'll wash every other week (or every week, depends) with a T-Gel shampoo then.

But the Tea tree oil in the conditioner bit? I even co-wash that way. I could also suggest adding it to water, jojoba and coconut oil in water for a spray. When I get that on my scalp it's instant relief.
Tea tree oil is good for that. Or the Shea moisture African black soap purification masque is good for itchy scalp, psoriasis &eczema. Or try the balancing conditioner :-)
I make a soothing spray by dr. Nicole....try googling her but the recipe goes....20 oz. Spray bottle, 15 oz. Aloe vera juice, 4oz calendula juice or tea(make tea extremely strong), 15 drops lavender, 5-10 drops rosemary and tea tree EO(start out with 5 drops and increase as needed)..keep mixture refrigerated.

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