Desert Climate moisture help

Hey all! Ive been looking around but Im not seeing much information about moisturizing hair in a desert climate. Whare I live there is literally no moisture in the air, its just dry heat.

Ok so correct me if im wrong please.
Stay away from glycerin because the dry climate will pull the moisture out ...
Same goes for Humectants.
Should I just frequently sprits my hair during the day with water? What are some of your opinions about dry climates and using oils? Should I use Aloe Vera juice to seal it instead ?
Product recs are appreciated!
I wouldn't say stay away from all humectants. Just use them in moderation. Glycerin seems to be the most tricky one to use for most people. When dews are low I limit it to just in rinse out conditioners. I never leave it on my hair.

I would also:

- seal with a creamy butter
- oils are okay
- spritzes are a good idea

This is my routine in winter and it seemed to work pretty well when I went to Arizona last year. If I could change anything I probably would bring KCCC with me next time. I freaked about the lack of humidity and didn't bring it.

I'm sure other desert curlies will chime in.
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Howdy, there! Lol

I live in a desert city in Cali, and I feel your pain on the lack of moisture in hair. My hair naturally really dry too on top of that, so I pretty much lost in the moist hair game.

So to help my keep moisture in I just keep a small spray bottle wiff water, condish and some oil mixed in whenever I go. It really helps a lot!

I never tried aloe vera before, so I can't help on that part.
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I live in Cali too! I love Cali, but geeze I didn't know dry hair until I moved here. It was a quick change from the Georgia weather I was used to.

Thanks for the tips you guys! Im going to continue to find the best moisturizing routine for my hair.
As you can see from my username, I'm in Las Vegas where it's dry 24/7. I know what you mean about adjusting to the climate change - I'm originally from the humidity-laden midwest, so I was in for some big changes when I came out here. All of my glycerin containing products went into the garbage after leaving my hair feeling like straw.

What seems to work best for me now is a simple leave-in conditioner (Suave coconut) and an olive oil-based hair oil (whatever Walmart sells) as a sealer. Surprisingly I can get a couple day's worth of wear out of this simple (and cheap!) routine... especially if I top it off with a teeny bit of a heat protectant gel by hask.

But I stress that's what works for ME. My son's hair, however is a completely different story. I still have yet to figure out what will help keep his twa moist...

Even if no one else responds to this thread (don't take it personal, it's just that the 4a board is always moving) keep checking in on this board in general. The ladies here are VERY knowledgeable and you can really find a wealth of information quite easily! It just may take some time with trial and error trying to find what works for you. Don't give up!

hth & g/l
I've recently moved from GA to El Paso, what a difference in climate. My Sisterlocks went from natural moisturizer to no moisturizer. I've been experimenting with rose water, coconut oil, aloe Vera juice and essential oils. I haven't found that right recipe yet. Most online moisturizer recipes contain glycerin and aloe Vera gel and I am hearing that those products are not good for naturals that live in desert climates. I would like to find a base recipe that I can change up from time to time as well as products to stay away from...not really into to store bought "natural" products. Any suggestions are appreciated.
Blessings natural lovelies.
Try Cush Cometics. CUSH is natural hair and skin care cosmetics company They don't use glycerin in most of their products. They are based in TX
Also consider the order in which you use the hair products. You definitely want to layer starting with water-based products, butters and then oils.

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