Neutrogena mask + mixed silk= YUMMY

This may be kinda long but here goes:

I had previously colored my whole head in May w/ perm color. It was growing out so I decided to color my whole head again (w/ perm color) Tuesday. Both times I used level 3 booster. My hair was very dry. I did an avocado, mayo, honey, olive oil condish' -->didnt work. Tried the lustrasilk shea and mango cholesterol condish-->didnt work (did this before I colored my hair). Went and bought DPR-11 (heard it was really good)--> didnt work. I went and bought Neutrogena triple moisture mask and mixed silk deep condish--> WORKED!!!!!!
I heard good reviews about these products and i really needed a deep condish. So this is what I did:

1) washed my hair w/ Suave naturals sweet almond oil (i added honey and olive oil).
2) rinsed. put Neutro. mask on my hair and let it sit while n the shower. I rinsed a few minutes later and my hair was very soft. It wasnt aussie 3 min soft. After i rinsed it out my hair actually stayed soft.
3) divided my hair n 8 sections and put mixed silk on each section. Cleaned up my dorm room and sat around for 2 hours.
4) Took each section out and detangled my hair. This is the miraculous part. I ALWAYS HAVE THESE TINY ASS KNOTS OF THE END OF MY STRANDS. but when i was detangling (w/ a paddle brush and wide tooth comb) I ran into 4 KNOTS.
5) i then pinned each section back up to be rinsed. This was the first time I did this. Everytime I go back under water my hair tangles up.
6) rinsed took out each section and guess what? No knots, hair was detangled and MY HAIR HAS BEEN THE SOFTEST IN LIKE FOREVER.
7) i then put coconut oil on my ends (first time doing this too) then put a pump of the mixed silk leave in in my hair.

I am so impressed w/ these 2 products. I hope I get this result every time. I will post you all once my hair has dried how the leave-in works.
i have the mixed silk deep condish. thanks for reminding me to actually use it. yeah for your great results!!
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Yeah, that Mixed Silk deep conditioner did something for my hair too. I noticed a difference in the shower when I put it on. My hair FELT conditioned.

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