protection styles for fall and winter!)

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what will you do to protect your hair for winter? and what style will u rock?

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I've been researching genie locs (yarn braids) . How to install them and care for them. I think it might be a good protective style for NYC winter. I might give it a go.

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I think I will be doing box braids for the winter...because they help my hair grow fast and also it's easier to manage in the winter.
Twists and a twisted bun.
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I'm considering ponytails, but I may just stick with my buns, two strand flat twists, cornrows and pin-up hairstyles.
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Cornrows, flat twists, and two strand twists. Have fun with it and add some extensions to create new styles.

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I thinking a combo of senegalese twist, box braids, and genie locs. I really don't like to see my hair from october-April(I'm in Michigan so winter it looooooongggg!). I really wanna get a nice weave but I'm not sure I wanna pay that much money so I may just stick with the extensions cuz I can install them myself.
The winter is harsh to my hair so I think I will be doing my own box braids, kinky twists or senegalese twists to keep my hair safe.
I am considering kinky twists. Love the style and they should last at least 2 months. Just worried about how to keep my hair moisturized with them in........ any suggestions??
There are braid sprays made for moisturizing your scalp and hair or you could try your own mix in a spray bottle and spritz. I'm sure there are recipes on this site.
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Yea for moisture I just mix water plus my fav conditioner and a little oil.
Here's some pix I just did these last night
I probably won't do much different...just changing to heavier products. I usually wear twist outs with no issues, but I live in FL so the winter isn't harsh at all. My hair is now long enough for a bun, so I may try those as well to keep my ends up.
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I actually haven't thought about winter protective styles but one style i've never done to my hair is Box Braids.. Seem like they take forever and my hair is quite fine so i am not sure if i would like to try that style!

I know how fast my hands are and I would probably start taking those braids down after 1 week. But it would probaby take me almost a week to take them down. I'd probably transition them to twists after a week... I guess thats not protective if I take them down though?!

Hmm i'm wondering in if I should...
This will be my first winter with my natural hair longer than an inch. I'm not sure what ps to do. I want to try kinky twists, but my edges are just starting to grow back after the braids that my stylist put in. I'm unsure of wigs cause I find my head starting to itch and the wig moves around. Smdh guess I will be wearing sew ins and two strand twists

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I think I'm going to do microbraids for the winter. I just did my BC after a 10 month transition with sew ins, so i need to do something new. Traveling between NYC AND CT this winter would do a number on my hair if I didn't have a SUPER protective style!
I am going to keep doing my usual twists. I will just moisturize more.
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Box braids! They never let me down during the winter. For moisturizing them, all I do is use coconut oil or castor oil. I put it in a nozzle bottle ( pointy tip) to make sure it gets to my roots. I use coconut oil every other day and if I use castor oil I use it once a week.
Hmmm... I'm thinking some updos that can protect my oh-so-fragile ends *sad face* but maybe some more kinky twist but protective styles is a must! Attachment 15848

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I will be doing cherokee cornrows or cornrows with my own hair. I usually do box braids, but my dandruff has been flaring up lately and I had to take down a set way before I was ready. I spend too much time putting them in for me to take them out so early!
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as of this second i'm wearing kinky twist ( I so miss doing my natural hair!!! and after I take these out I was thinking of either doing a full sew-in or a sew in with an invisible part with wet and wavy weave so I don't have total withdrawal from my hair..
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