Gel for Twist-Outs ????

Hey Ladies,

I recently did a wash and go with EcoStyle gel. My curls were really defined by tight as heck!! Wouldn't even diffuse. So that night I misted my hair with water, applied a lot of olive oil gel to soften it and put my hair in medium size twitst. The next morning, my twist-out was so cute and defined. Usually when I do a twist- out with just shea butter or some other non-gel product, my hair is soooo frizzy and tempermental.

Do you guys know of any soft hold gels that will give me the definition and hold I'm looking for????
Occasionally from time to time I do a twist out with Eco styler (pink), & I get awesome definition! I did try a twist out with the Shea moisture curlingsouffle before I took it back and got pretty good results. Dice I don't do wash n go's I use the gel when I want to slick down an edge or have a more defined curl!
I do my twist and braid outs with Eco styler olive oil, definition out of this world.

I'm on my Evo, yo!

I like to use curl creams for twist outs (Darcy curl cream) or I will use the twist stuff from curl junkie with kinky curly gel and that works.

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I do my twist and braid outs with Eco styler olive oil, definition out of this world.

I'm on my Evo, yo!
Originally Posted by tbabyy
+1. I find it helps A LOT to apply a leave-in moisturizer to damp hair first, then seal it with oil and THEN coat on the gel. Otherwise my hair gets super frizzy in like a day or so. Like with any gel I guess the key is making sure to properly moisturize first so there's no chance your hair can poof. HTH
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