3D Curl Pattern - The missing Link?

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The gist of what ttlolla is saying is this: If 3d, why not 3e, 3f, and 3g? At what point does it meet up with 4a? They already added 3c. No two heads are alike. Someone's curl pattern is always going to differ from the next curly. With in 4a you have many people whose hair looks nothing like another 4a. But they are still a 4a. Why? Because the curl diameter is still the same. What your hair will and will not do is not really based on the diameter. At best you can say that between 2 and 4. But between 3c and 4a? Really. That's a stretch.

The amusing part comes in when several people in (what I felt like was) an articulate and respectful fashion explained why they felt the way they did. Instead of taking their insight and years of experience to save you the time and trouble of eventually figuring it out on your own, you decided to berate them and group them all together like they are just black female haters when they are trying to help you. Generally, type 4 hair is the "hair not to have" so it rubs us wrong when people try to be anything but a 4 when they are so close it doesn't matter anyway. Usually, those people are the ones who have good hair/bad hair issues, and sometimes they don't even know it. If you don't get that, fine. If you want to hold onto your typing system fine. But don't discount the experienced people(read multiple) who have passed that barrier and want to help you do it too. That's what this board is for. You won't be the first newbie that wasn't convinced and eventually learned. These same women will not hold a grudge and will give you whatever advice they can when you figure it out. Until then....
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We'll go ahead and put this one to bed. The OP is satisfied with our POVs.

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