Louisiana Naturals?

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Hello all! I live in "the boot" and wanted to see what winter routines my fellow Naturals will be using! I need some tips seeing as this is my first winter natural! I'm 4a/b/c with about 8 inches of gorgeous naturalness! I'm using soft sheen Carson roots of nature line now and I love it! I wash with Suave Naturals almond and Shea butter line! So any tips would be greatly appreciated!
Hey naturally_meeh!
I live in "the boot" too!
For my hair, I just use leave-in conditioners & heavy butters to seal. I actually do this all year round, but I'm a bit more heavy-handed during the winter. I wear protective styles. No products with glycerin for me if I can help it. If you wear hats or scarves or turtle necks, just make sure you protect your hair with a silk/satin scarf or wear it up to prevent breakage/snagging. Thats about it!
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I'm just reading this! Thanks so much! I will definitely lose the glycerin! Not helping me at all! I just starting using Shea moisture products and I am in LOVE!

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I also live in Louisiana and also my very first time going natural. I am 9 months in and have no clue as to what I should do to my hair. For right now, I'm rockin' Genie Locs. Can I tell you this is so convenient and not time consuming at all. Just get up, spray some moisturizer and walk out the door. I put them in myself. So, I would have to say this would be a nice winter style. Any advice on styles, products, regimens, etc would be most helpful to me.

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I dont live in LA but spend a lot of time in New Orleans. I saw on line there is a natural meet up group that meets at that coffee house on Esplande. I havent been able to make it but sounds fun.
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I live in NOLA as well. Right now I am protective styling with Genie locs. There is a natural hair meetup group on meetup.com and also on Facebook, both specifically to New Orleans.

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What are Genie Locs? And I need to get to this meetup!

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I live in New Orleans --born & raised =). My natural hair routine is pretty simple. For winter I just like to put my hair in medium twist or braids/plaits with a cute beanie hat. Some products I use that work for me is Shea Moisture curl & style milk, Tresemme Naturals moisturizing conditioner, Aubrey Organics Honey suckle rose conditioner-AOHSR makes my hair feel REALLY soft for a long time. I co-wash my hair 4 days a week and I seal my hair using coconut oil and JBCO (Jamaican Black Castor Oil) which works really well for my hair, but yeah my routine is quite easy, nothing special..but it's been working for me.
Hey yall I'm 13 months trans clipped my end often so now I'm all natural I don't live in LA but will be there next month I haven't really found anything that I'm in love with I like the herbal essences totally twisted & kinky curly I did a 2 stran twist for about a wk & then untwisted them loved it but the next day frizz help any suggestions
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Well....it's hot and humid here lol so you will just have to see what works! Twist outs are great for me!

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