Protective Styling is IMPOSSIBLE!

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I don't know how to flat twist/cornrow so...

Can't do individual braids or my hair will tangle/loc. I can do two-strand twists but I can't leave them in for too long or they will loc so I do twist outs. Can't do a bun. Having my hair pulled back pulls my edges out and I just grew them back after wearing puffs for too long. AND it also really REALLY hurts to have my hair pulled back. Makes my crown area really tender.
Thick/coarse/low porosity/low elasticity
4a/b cottony/spongy

At war with my indestructible, armadillo hair...MY WILL BE DONE!

LOL Foxy.

I PS for a week at a time. And have been wearing a wig (and twists under it) for about 8 months now. I wash my hair once a week, condition, all that jazz, put twists in and then wear my half wig all week. Rinse, repeat. This has been very necessary for me as life has been super hectic and it's easier for me to do this right now. I haven't worn my hair out since April. PLUS the weather hear SUCKS and the rain is always messing my hair when I step out the house

I should mention that I only do 14 large twists with a flat twist in the front.
I can't do the protective styling bit. I stick with my WnG's. I always seem to lose a lot more hair with PS. I also get mad itchies that drive me crazy. The most important part is that I don't really want to use extension hair too often. The longest I was able to go was with kinky twists for 8 weeks...I counted down every day and had to give myself the "you paid alot of money for these, do not take them down yet" pep talk every day too. Hardest thing I'd ever done, I just wanted my hair back...when I took them more length or growth than what I get with two months of WnG's, just drier ends that I really had to baby again. Weaves made my hair fall out, I think I'm allergic to the weft's material. Had my scalp on fire. Twists....well I'm all scalp, nothing but the scalp....and they just curl up like my WnG....then they unravel in the night even with satin scarves and pillowcases, and who has time to re-do twists every morning? Give me my 5 minute WnG, or the ponytail that is just a slicked back WnG any day of the week. I can't with the PSing....just can't.
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Curl Definer: H20 & a shake, my moisturizer mix.... or aloe vera/flax seed/ic fantsia gel if I'm not being lazy.

Styles: wash-n-go, twists just curl up like my wash-n-go

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Lol at the original post.

Well I'm the opposite. I just can't deal with my hair every day. I live in twists...if I want to be "creative" I just style the twists. Thank goodness for protective (read: lazy girl) styling!
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last relaxer 08/08/09
all natural since 7/30/10

Shrinkage happens.
I tried twisting and leaving it for a week. It stretched my hair but during the take down it became knotted. Also no matter what my twists always fuzz plus they make me look young and immature. I will try it again but mehhh I had this problem w ps before thats y I did wash and goes for the whole second year of being natural. I hate buns even tho I did it for a while, much prefer wash n goes....ah well we will see...

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Texture: proud 4a (3c at the nape).
Regimen: co-wash everyday.deep condition, de-tangle and seal once a week.
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Protective Style: buns

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Yea I touch mine. I moisturize it daily. Protective styling isn't about neglecting the hair, it's just low manipulation and for me it adds to manageability. Out styles for certain curl patterns and hair textures is just not conducive to preservation of the hair.

A wash and go may technically be low manipulation, it just isn't easy to manage my hair in a completely unmanipulated state. I can't apply product in mass like that. And Idk what it is about twisting my hair that makes it hold on to moisture, but even applying product and leaving it be just does not work for me. Letting my hair shrink up on itself would be the end of my hair.

I love my hair in twists. That's how I enjoy my hair. I love it in a fro too but I just can't do that all the time, especially now.
Originally Posted by CocoT
+1 to the bolded.

There's more than one way to skin a cat or more specifically, there's more than one way to "enjoy" your hair.
Me Fascina El Pelo

Low Porosity; Medium Strands; Dense

Whatchoo talkin' bout Willis? LOL

I love twists, especially done on dry hair. I can keep them in for weeks and be a happy camper. I love all the buns and updos I can do with them. I am a happier person because of protective styling.

Sure, eventually I want another style but I just I get get so grateful not to have to do my hair everyday that I don't really think about it.

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I know how you feel. If I wear twists for too long, my hair will start to lock and I hate taking my hair down after being braided. There was a post on CurlyNikki about how to make twists last longer and still get styling flexibility. It went something like this:
1. Wear twists for a few days
2. Take twists down for a twist out
3. Turn twist out into an updo.
I'm trying that this week. You get the styling flexibility while keeping the manipulation at a minimum.
Originally Posted by CurleeLadeeTee

THIS (the above steps 1 thru 3) IS WHAT I'VE BEEN TRYING FOR THE LAST MONTH OR SO..... Twists 2 days, TwistOut 1 day and then Bun 2 days. Sometimes I can only do one day each if I've worked out a lot b/c I'll end up with an itchy scalp and smelly hair.

I like this routine so far! Four to five days is the absolute MAX I can go without washing....I read about other ladies able to go weeks...yikes!

I'm with the OP; I can't stand prolonged protective styling.

My twists do not stay in for more than 2 days without unraveling and looking wack.

I generally style my hair on a daily basis. The only exception is buns; which I will keep in for 2 days max, then restyle.

Notwithstanding, what is the point of having hair if you can't have fun with it?
Originally Posted by HomeGrownHairGirl

HomeGrownHairGirl - I agree with your comments 100%
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I hated PS until I noticed massive hair breakage from poor detangling and daily TO/BO, flattwists and cornrows. I bought a wig hated it but it allowed me to keep it braided without exposing my big head and keeps me from looking like I'm in my early 20's rather than pushing 40. I deserve the respect that comes with age. But now I'm not so quick to go back to nightly pony's, chunky twists to preserve styles and mornings recreating the styles that came out great the night before in under 3-5 min.

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omg!!!! I am sooooo feeling you on this one!!! I just cannot stand twists and retwisting my hair every night! Even if they look cute in the next morning... I'm just too lazy for that! Plus I have other things to deal with at night with my boo, like cooking, work out, watch netflix etc...!!!
My sister is the one who made me get back to twists EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! To the point where I wanted to make a three months twist out challenge... I'm on my third week... and I'm already tired... What made me do it is just because of the lenght that she was able to retain. She big chopped one year after me and her hair is already longer than mine, because she religiously braids her hair every single night. Even after a night out, she may come back home later than 3AM, she still has the motivation to braid her hair. Lucky for her, after 3 months, she barely has split ends with this method...but me, with my *i think* very-to no little care wash and go method, I end up having a trim every 3 months...So that's why I thought this method could work with me...But every night, I just end up twisting, lacking patience, and I think that too much manipulation every night can lead to breakage.
Anyways, I realized that there's no ABSOLUTE method for each and every one of us...We don't have either the same type of hair nor porosity. Your products applied to my hair might be a mess, your protective styling method might not be the best what my hair wants (or what I want ).
I know what I am going to do... Tomorrow is wash day and I'll definitely take the plunge and get back to my wash and gos that I love so much, but will take better care of my ends, (seal them after each wash / cowash and tuck them in a bun at the end of the week) and see if there's a positive result after 3 months...

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