For anyone that has ever had a twist out...?

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how do you do it? what leave-in and sealant did you use? what order of products did you use? what are yalls secrets...
for a tight twist out . I twist on wet hair , usually with a cream or butter.

for a looser twist out , I twist on stretched dried hair , usually with a styler, then seal with a butter or cream as I twist.
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I always do my twist outs wet and I use Oyin Whipped Pudding + Oyin Shine and Define. Then I use their Burnt Sugar Pomade on my roots and to seal my ends. After that I use Eco Styler gel then I do the twist.
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My twist outs are usually my Qhemet product combo. I start with clean damp hair, detangled with CTDG. Then I apply the AOHC and HBTSG to each section or twist and twist. This gives me the best fluffy, soft twist outs.

I've had a few good twist outs with Komaza Care's Califa pudding, but I can't use it alone, but it's really tricky to use with another moisturizer underneath. It depends on the
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I love doing Naptural's modified wng which for me is a modified twist out. I cleanse/detangle in sections and add my leave-in then a jelly (Donna Marie or UFD) and twist back up until dry. I don't use combs and when I take them down its a twistout with the wng effect...I love it, just the drying time is longer.

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I washed my hair then applied kimmaytube's LI and twisted hair. I took the twists down the next day. I received so many compliments. Simple I know.

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On freshly washed hair or dry hair I use a leave in and a butter/oil to seal. My last bomb twist out was with kt and grape seed oil on dry hair but usually I use shea butter to seal.

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I like to use Hair Milk by Carol's Daughter on damp hair. My twist-out turn out better than when I used Eco-Styler!!
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