What do you use under Hair Rules Curly Whip

I looked in the back of my stash and noted a bottle of Hair Rule Curly Whip- i woud like to try it out. I am afraid it wont have enough hold for my 4a/b curls-I usually use some type of gel with creamy producsts. So...do you all use anything under/over it? Or does it do well flying solo? thanks!
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Definitely use something to weigh it down. I used it without a leave in and my hair was dry and undefined. Most of it proofed back into an Afro since it wasn't weighed down enough.
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I used it in the summer. It was really great. I didn't use anything under it. Once or twice I left a little of vo5 moisture milks in my hair. That is, I just rinsed my hair until most of it was gone. I only did that to give me some slip when applying the curly whip. It really should be used on soaking wet hair.
The very first time I used CW, I used it alone and the results were very good and I was excited I had it since it's that rare blend of gel and curl creme [that acts like a gel but makes hair soft and fluffy like a creme]. However, every time I tried it after that it made my wet hair feel extremely coated and suffocated, like my strands had saran wrap around every strand, no bueno. Recently I revisited it but put ABBA Pure Gentle leave-in on first and got excellent results. My first good 2nd day hair in a while too.

So you may just want to try it with and without leave in and see how your hair responds. For me, had it not been for the ABBA, it would have gone in the trash but now it's a re-buy.
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I did a vid on my yt channel and I used the hair rules leave in I believe. I would check but that would eat up my data lmao!!!

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