Oh yeah..my hair seriously needs conditioner on a super regular basis. My hair feels, looks, and acts better when it's well conditioned. Plus my hair is naturally dry as I don't know what..could start a darn forest fire on it's own. So conditioner..makes a HUGE difference for me. I could live without oil if I had to do so (but I'd rather not)..but no conditioner..I will just like this dude with the curl:

Gimme my Activator, Man - YouTube

I'm not even playing either!
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Yes, I have the forest fire effect too when it comes to my hair. I probably go through a barrel of conditioner a year, LOL.

I discovered by accident that water and castor oil can leave my hair very defined, tangle free, and shiny.

I am not sure of what my porosity is yet- these things can get confusing, but I think it may be normal.

I am now wondering if conditioners are necessary at all?
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They still are for me, especially since my hair needs and thrives on protein and henna. When I do that, I need to do DCs after. Its never one or the other for my hair. Conditioners still condition my hair in ways oils cant - they serve a different purpose.
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I know this is going to sound super creepy but I looked at your hair pics and my heart stopped. Your darn hair is pure magnificence on all types of levels! The shine...ohhh the shine! I melt when I see soft shiny curls like you have...WhatEVA you using..keep doing that..cause all this time I've known you on here I had no idea you was working with all that beautiful hair. I guess sistas at the gym do be on swoll when you take your hair down..cause daaaaaaaaaaayum!

Well excuse me Miss Greenandchic!
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LOL! Thank you! I'm pretty much doing the same think you do: Water, conditioner (leave-in or rinse out) and oil, oil oil.

Yeah, my hair sometimes turns a lot of heads (all races) when I wash my hair and its just hanging down. I mainly pineapple at the gym these days though.
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