Wen products?

Has anyone used any of the Wen line products?

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My coworker told new to try this but I looked up reviews via google. Alot read that their hair fell out. I left it alone there.

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Wow....thanks! !!!

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I used it when I was relaxed a few years ago and it made my hair come out! Don't want to try it as a natural! Lol

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Omg...it must not be for "ethnic" hair. Smh!

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I tried the Wen Fig Cleansing Conditioner a few times and absolutely do not like it. Didn't like the smell or the coating it left on my hair making it feel dry and crispy. It lathered nicely that's about the only nice thing I can say about it. Still have half a bottle left that I just might toss.
I'm not a long time user of Wen but reading the ingredients there is no reason for it to cause "ethnic" hair to fall out. If it doesn't cause "non-ethinic" hair to fall out then it shouldn't "ethnic." I hear mixed reviews on Wen both good and bad and a lot of curlies use it with success. I've used for a week and so far it has improved my hair.

The Wen Fig line is recommended for ethnic hair. Go to their website.
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When I first saw the product, I really really REALLY wanted to try it. But now I know it's just an expensive cowash.


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