If your hair could talk, what would it say to you right now? lol

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Tell the truth, you're never gonna wear me curly again are you

You and that flat iron. So what? Yall married now? Put it down! You gon see girl. You gon see. All that heat damage you cut off, watch, your ends gonna be all over the house soon, just breakin off like old pine needles on a burnt out christmas tree. Then you gonna have to cut it again!

ME: stfu and get to swangin!!!!
You think this little hair style is cute? You just biding your time until your hair appointment Wednesday. Humph. Keep playing.

my phone wears the pants in this relationship.
Almost MBL Coils
spongy, low porosity, dense awesomeness

Shampoo: Curly Kinks Cleansing Cream
Rinse Out/Detangler Conditioner: Aussie Moist, V05 Strawberries and Cream, Suave Naturals Coconut
Leave in Conditioner: Trader Joe's Nourish Spa and Giovanni Direct Leave in
Styler: Eco Styler Krystal and Blue, Herbal Essence Totally Twisted Gel and Flax seed gel
Sealer: Grape seed oil
Deep Conditioner: Curl Junkie Repair Me
Protein Treatment: Karishma and Jamilla Henna
Hey hey hey Keep that flat iron away from me. Every 6 months...deal?
About my hair:
weekly shampoo-HE Honey I'm Strong
daily conditioner-HE Honey I'm Strong (use as li)
go to style-Pocahontas braids
Ok.. It's 2012... When you plan on washin' me? You just scratchin' and scratchin', when common sense SHOULD tell you to WASH YOUR DAMN HAIR!! Sheesh! Don't take rocket science.


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THANK YOU!! Look at how happy I am today compared to yesterday. . .Dang! 'bout time you just spritzed some plain old water on me. . .even still, you STILL thought you needed to add some aloe vera juice. . . and you think you're so smart. SMH
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4A, extremely fine, delicate and porous
Shampoo - Suave Naturals (only as needed)
Co-Wash - V05, Suave
DT - AO: WC, GPB, Swimmers, Blue Green Algae, HSR
Leave In - Giovanni 50/50
Moisturizer - conditioner, glycerin, H20, oils
Styler - not sure yet how or why? maybe Aussie Moist?
Ayurveda Staples - Amla, Brahmi, Nupur Henna
moisturize me!

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YouTube: www.youtube.com/sophiams85
my blog
Its a beauty, natural hair, food, family, and life all combined into one blog. I took a break from it for awhile but I recently started blogging again and Im addicted!

my tumblr natural inspirations and beauty: http://sophiams85.tumblr.com/

Leave me the hell alone and do your Uni work! I'm right next to Brain and all I hear all day long is him whinging about being neglected. Give him something to think about. Sheesh!
My hair is in the 4s, low in porosity, high in density and coarse.

Love: QB - all of it, Bobeam - shampoo bars, Darcy's Botanicals - Pumpkin Seed Conditioner, Coconut Cupuacu Pomade, KBN - Shealoe Leave-in, Oyin - Juices & Berries, Kinky Curly - Knot Today, Ayurvedic treatments, my Denman and the cloud of kinky goodness on my head that I get to play with!
YES!!YES!! OH YESSSSS!!!!! Deep condition me baby!! RUB IN THAT CONDITIONER!!! The oil, the oi-ohhhh yeah, that's it!! *Panting in pleasure* Dayum I love you. Knew you was good for something, had to be.
Finally you took those braids out, now let me do me

~Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner
~Elastica QP Mango Butter
~EVOO and Coconut Oil
~Sofnfree Milk Protein and Olive Oil Leave in spray
~Better Braids Herbal Growth Oil

Loving the beautiful hair that God gave me <3
Ha! Bi*ch you got 1 front tooth!


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This FSG better work or I SWEAR you will be one HAM tomorrow
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What's going on? We're not straight strands of hair anymore!

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Heaux now you know that you put these dog gon braids in too tight! You really want your edges to be gone. I know you wanted this stuff to last but damn girl I want to still be on your head afterwards.
BC: June 16th 2010
TYPE: 4a/b; color treated, nml-high porosity; fine w/ med density
Product Connoisseur

OMG my hair wets when water touches it!

Twist out again, huh? No, no, no, that's cool. . .
I know you love me and all but leave me the hell alone! Can I get a rest? You don't have to try everyting the day you get it, and start using stuff more than once! You trying to win a product testing marathon! Sit down.....matter of fact.....sit on your hands fool.

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"I hope you don't think I'm an around the way chick. To be touching all this, you need to at least buy me dinner or something. No, McDonald's esque petroleum jelly ish. To look good, I am on an organic tip. Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, the good stuff. I'm high class!"

"I'm a Diva! I'm too good for cotton. Only luxurious fabric - satin, silk. Trust me, boo, I'm worth it."
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Thank you for not putting that dayum Kinky Curly Curling Custard on me. It makes me a helmet head which is not cute. LOL.
Thanks for cutting all the damage!! Its like a breath of fresh air!!!! Oh and please don't stop with the honey DC!! :-)

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How about you use a little shampoo and while you are at it lets move on from the bun and lay off the butter just because you want to get rid of it does not mean you need to slather it all over.
Hair Type: 3c/4a/4b, fine, normal porosity


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