How do I keep my hair moisturized through the night without baggying?

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So, I've finally found how to moisturize my hair. My moisturizer is aloe vera juice+conditioner and my sealant is jojoba oil. Is jojoba is good sealant by the way?
I sleep with a satin bonnet at night, and somehow, it's always somewhat dry, not majorly though. I cowash in the morning anyway, but should I be worried about keeping it really moisturized at night? Can I moisturize, seal and be done with it without baggying evernight? I baggy twice a night anyway.
Thank you!
Dang, I was about to suggest baggying. LoL!


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Whatever oil you use for sealing depends on you and your hair. Jojoba is too light for me and tends to make my hair crunchy on it's own so I dilute it with a heavier carrier oil like castor.

From what little you said it doesn't seem like you should be worried about dryness in the morning since you co-wash anyway and you shouldn't need to baggy that frequently unless you have major hair damage.
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Do you post a new thread everyday? Anyway, if you're cowashing every morning, there's no need to baggy every night.
I baggy infrequently and even with my lowwww porosity, I don't need to do it more than twice a week once a month (usually post-henna). I also like doing the greenhouse effect treatment. Have you tried that? Give it a go (please note, there is already a thread about it, so if you're interested, there's no need to make a new thread). I use mahabhringraj oil.
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sometimes, I think people do to much.. when I "moisturize" I spritz with plain ole water and seal that in with a heavy oil. Jojoba is too light for me.
Unless your hair is dry and crunchy like the sahara dessert, I don't think you should be worried.
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I dont understand why you would worry about moisture overnight if you cowash every day. I hope that was a mistype about how much you baggy. It is possible to overcondition your hair. I have to done it many times and had to get a protein treatment to rescue my hair.
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