Anyone with long 4c Hair?

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Sorry, but I mistyped my hair. I don't really know how to care for natural hair, and just started the the CG routine 2.5 weeks ago. I just took down my protective style and actually saw my natural hair. Previously, I did not know that you're only supposed to comb it when slathered in the conditioner in the shower, and used to begin combing/brushing my hair right out of the shower, before the steam would even evaporate. This time I comb in the shower with conditioner and then rinsed and saw that I'm not a 4c.

Sorry :S

However, the those 4C pics are beautiful!!!!

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I think Cipriona from urban bush babes has long 4c. She never wears her hair loose but she took it down in one yt video. I could never do her reggie but her hair is beautiful.
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There are several people with long 4c hair, Mwedzi and Sera off the top of my head, as well as pooks

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Althea I stalk mwendzi's fotki and her hair near waist length but naked it shrinks up way above her shoulders.

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Here is her fotki, her hair is gorgeous!

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I can't wait until I've been a year natural.
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I think 4C hair becomes wavy straight long.
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There are probably a few youtubers with 4C hair. I'm not sure if whoissugar would be more of a 4b or 4c, but her hair is slightly beyond BSL stretched:

71-whoissugar's how to fabulize an old twistout! - YouTube

I don't think I've seen her do a wash n go so I'm not sure what her hair texture looks in that state...but she has vids of her hair in pretty much every other style: freshly washed and detangled, bantu knotout, blowout, twistout, braidout, banded, puff, updo, braids, twists etc. You can search for her vids for those other styles.

African Export is a 4a/4b. She'd also be around BSL stretched. Here's her hair in a wash n go so you can get a fairly clear idea of her curl pattern:


How can you maintain this hair type without having so much to deal with? I don't have time nor the talent to play in my hair and create styles all day long and i feel my hair is suffering. Is there a low maintenance regimen that can be followed where I don't have to do so much to it and I can still see results. I know that not doing anything is just as damaging as playing in it too much is so are there any suggestions? I want long hair but not to the the tune of spending hours or a whole weekend doing all types of things to get it that way. I went natural for healthy hair and i thought it's supposed to be less of a fuss than a relaxer. Thanks.

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