Free Fulani Earrings to go With your Cute Curls!!!

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Shamless plug y'all! I am giving away a free pair of Fulani earrings on my blog to go with your beautiful hair! Perfect for girls who need accessories to compliment their BC The contest ends this Friday, wearing mine w my fro right now <3
Click here for deets on how to enter: Beauty & the Street: Win A Pair of Tribal Fulani Earrings!

Texture: proud 4a (3c at the nape).
Regimen: co-wash everyday.deep condition, de-tangle and seal once a week.
Current Favs: Treseme Naturals shampoo & conditioner, wide tooth comb, coconut oil, Shea Moisture curling smoothie, ampro clear styling gel .
Protective Style: buns

visit my fashion & culture website:
didn't they just have these same earrings on a woman on Real Housewives ATL? (not one of the housewives, the curator of an african museum (or the tour leader, whatever)

they are super cute.
Oops, I should follow links first. I see now

WHERE DID YOU GET THEM FROM?! I have some in silver (that I'm rocking right now) and a small set in gold/bronze but I was in Mali when I bought them. If you've got a stateside source... If ok, you can tell me after the giveaway. Dont wanna spoil it.
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Chillin in Mali til 2011. Lets see how well my springies can handle the extreme heat

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