i big big BIG chopped

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In 2011, I permanently colored my hair 4 x's. The last time was October. I loved the color, but soon realized I didnt like the way it thinned my hair out. I had two diff. hair textures, from the root on down it got thinner. If i had one texture all over my head, i think i would have kept my hair, but in all reality I WANT MY KINKY, THICK HAIR BACK. Also, i wanted to see what I looked like with short hair. I always thought, why not do it now instead of waiting until my hair got longer and asking "what if". I had been wanting to do a bc for about 2 months now so I asked friends and family. My sister said, "why do you want to do that? i dont think you're gonna look right. most girls that do that they look like boys". my male cousin said "why do u want short hair? u should do 'long hair dont care". what they dont understand is that I wnat my hair to grow out healthy and do it my freakin way. Hair will grow back. thats what it is meant to do. So today, i was fiddling thru my hair and just said f*** it. picked up some scissors and cut it all. I have some before pics and after. my hair is slicked back on the sides
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Congrats i wish you a smooth beginning in your healthy hair journey.Yes healthy hair matters most
All Hair is Good Hair!

It's Not What's ON Your Head, But What's IN Your Head!

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Congrats i wish you a smooth beginning in your healthy hair journey.Yes healthy hair matters most
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thanx hun

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4c wiry thick nappy low porosity hair
Poo: SM black soap
Rise out/Detangler:
DC/: Avocado+ oil + Honey
Spritz: Oyin J&B
Moisturizer: OH Dew
Sealant:BSP/Bask tapioca cream
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thank you !!!!

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