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I found these products in one of my local BSS, so I definitely will be trying them out. I already tried KCCC and I didn't like it so I probably won't be purchasing the Gelo, but I do want to try the Stretch Out Creme and Sweet Bounce Back.

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Originally Posted by Amazinnatural
I used the Stretch Out Creme and I liked it.
I love their curly whipped pudding (I think they just recently changed the name of this product though). I live in Georgia and I am starting to see this product line move in to more and more beauty supply stores.
I used the Stretch Out Creme under Lets Jam custard last night and my hair is soft and curly today.

My hair was a tad white this morning but it dried soon after. I plopped overnight and as a result the back is crushed down but for me trying to use two products up that I didnt like, together they worked

I used no leave in either. I cowashed my hair with tresemme naturals, then used the honey im strong conditioner to conditioner, rinsed out , then applied the stretch it out creme with the custard on top
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Very few things agree with my hair. I found a sample of the Stretch It Out Crème and used a bit on my edges and ends (I have too much hair for a sample packet). It laid my edges down which is quite a feat since I've only found a few things that my edges responds to.

I'm 3 years post bc and haven't done a wash & go in 2 years. My hair hits my neck midway. This product has tempted me to try it, but I know I won't be able to use it alone. I'm going to need a gel. I'm not interested in their Gelo product because of the glycerin. And since the SIO Crème has glycerin lower on the list I don't need more glycerin. I'll probably use fsg and a bit of one of my eco stylers, haven't figured out which one.

Even if it doesn't work, I intend to use this on my edges and ends. What I really like is that I can find this locally in nyc.
Nope, nope, nope. I got a sample of the curling gelo with my first-ever order of KCCC. I usually mix 1 part KCCC to 3 parts Uncle Funky's Daughter CM, then finish with LALSG, so that's exactly what I did with this gelo.

When I scrunched my hair, white flecks of gummy goop came out. I looked like I had dandruff made out of boogers, and re-cowashed then and there. And I've never had an issue with KCCC flaking with any of my products.

Apart from the ingredients list being completely different (with 2 polyquats right at the top of the list), those booger flakes are enough that I don't even wanna look for other ways to use up the sample.
2c, med-coarse, dense, high-med elasticity and still working out my porosity. Living in hard-water Germany.

Still learning the HGs. Latest faves:
Washing with KC Come Clean or CJ Daily Fix
Conditioner Deva OneC, Darcy's Pumpkin Seed
Goin' Deep: CJ Curl Rehab
Loving a good prepoo with coconut oil
Styling with CJ CCCC Lite, KCCC, BRHG, and a spray gel (Fructis, JC Gelebration)

Second-third-day savers: Curl Fuel overnight and KCSS in the morning!

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