4B Newbie here, just BC'ed!!

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Hellllooooooo guys, clearly I am new to NC being that I'm excited @ 4 in the evening. (LOL) But I just BIG CHOPPED, Sunday morning & just had to immediately find a Natural hair blog to share w/ besides my whole campus. I am definetly 4b & 4c in a few spots. You guys really inspired me to have the courage to do so, so it's only right I share my natural adventure with you all. I feel extremely free and relaxed...I know you TWA's know exactly what I'm talking. If anyone has tips or advice, I'll be galdly appreciate it. Thanks! *Now back lurking around looking for regimes*
Welcome, and I hope you find a regimen that works without too much stress. What are you doing to take care of your hair now?
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Welcome! There is so much info here to help you find your new regi. Enjoy your hair.
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Thank you ladies!! @whatevs at the moment I'm just co washing it daily w/ HE hello hydration and leaving that overnight with a shower cap. The morning after I wash it out, mix whipped shea butter recipe on damp hair. My hair seems to love it but at the same my hair really sucks up the conditioner, particularly the crown. But I'm getting the hang of it. These threads are very helpful!
@4bseoul you will be fine. Learn what works for your hair by playing in it now. It will make life easier in the months to come. One thing I remember a vet telling me was "do wash and goes for at least a month to learn your hair." that in itself has really helped me. I tested products, I learned what felt good, what looked good, and even what smelled good
Taking time out to care for your hair now, will be seen in the months to come. Hope that helps
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CONGRATULATIONS GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its actually funny how you feel "relaxed" now that your natural lol
even tho im still kinda newly natural and new to the boards a tipI can give is please try to keep your regimen simple and stick to one you find works best for your hair, like tweaking someone else's(maybe one that focuses on moisture since you said your hair sucks up condish)

Enjoy your hair
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