Anyone really experience with braids? Can i continuously redo?


So I did some yarn braids on myself and it took me about 13 hours over 3 days. I love them but not the whole process, so I am thinking of redoing them like in sections. Take 1 down wet it, maybe wash it/condition it/detangle it and braid it back up. I also want to make the parts smaller and neater as I do this process.

I've only had them in for 1 week so far but does anyone know how long I can get away with my idea? I would probably want to start redoing in 2 more weeks, so maybe every 3 weeks.

Just curious?
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While my instincts say hair should be free regularly, I've nothing to back that thought up. I'm sure the continual redo-ing is possible, and I too am interested in the answer, so I'll keep an eye on this thread.

Maybe your hair will tell you if it's ok or not. If after the 4 or 5th takedown you're noticing a lot of hair coming out then that could be a sign to stop. Who knows? I usually wash in my yarn braids too which means maybe I could do takedowns to remove shed hair, condition and neaten only.

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It's a good idea to redo the braids around the hairline after several weeks as that area is very fragile. I'm not sure that redoing the entire head is prudent though.
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