Washing with braids/twist?

So every week I wash & dc my hair. Then I get cornrows and wear wigs. Im waiting until Im at a conformtable hair length to wear my natural curls.

I see people on YT wash and dc their hair with braids or twist in so the detangling process wont be so bad.

Can my hair really get clean like this without having a residue from the poo or conditioner that may be left in the braids?
Hey! I know what you mean, I have very very long hair and have been opting to spend 40+ minutes in the shower detangling after washing, instead of leaving the hair in braids or twists. It just never seemed like my hair would get clean enough...

But then you'd only wash the roots. I'd just be afraid of any shampoo residue. I'm not too worried about conditioner being left in though...
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Honestly, this has not proven to be a problem for me. I still manage to wash my scalp thoroughly, even with braids in (twists for me usually fall out for some reason). Sometimes I will undo each braid section by section, and focus on washing and detangling the undone section before moving on to the next, if that makes sense.

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Thanks ladies. I think I'll try the braids. My hair is shoulder length straightened so hopefully it won't be such a long process. If I have trouble with shampoo residue then I'll try unbraiding and washing section by section. Thanks a bunch!
I'm glad that you all are discussing this because I get so much Breakage while washing/detangling that I recently decided that is only wash my hair with braids. However, I was concerned if I'd be able to clean it good
I have ~11-12 inches of tightly coiled hair. I wash in twists with no issue. I never have an issue getting my scalp clean--I shampoo every 5-7 days and never co-wash.

Before shampooing, I section stretched hair into 12 parts, finger-detangle each section with conditioner and twist it up. Then, I hop in the shower, rinse the conditioner (w/ twists in) while massing my scalp, shampoo my scalp (w/ diluted shampoo in an applicator bottle), massage and rinse. Outside of the shower, I blot the tests with a black cotton t-shirt, apply my leave-ins, style and seal.
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I shampoo in braids and condition in twists. On my final rinse out of the conditioner, I take out the twists and make sure all the product is rinsed well.

My hair is only about 10 inches long, but I tried to shampoo and condition without braids/twists recently and it was extremely overwhelming. I don't know how I ever did it.

If you're worried about getting a good clean and rinse, maybe loose twists would work better than tight braids.

I've never had a weave, but I love watching this one lady's YouTube about her weaves. (I don't remember her name.) She tried to wash her hair in cornrows and it was BAD news. She had to cut out a lot of hair. If you try it, maybe it's better to try it in plaits (or twists) and not cornrows.
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