Braiding Shops in NJ

I know this probably isnt the right thread to post this topic in but I figured I'd get a response quicker here. I want to get senegelese twist done, but Im so afraid. I wanted to know if anyone has been to a braiding shop in nj that they would recommend. I need for them not to snatch my edges out . PLEASE HELP!
Well theres one in North Jersey That I went to in order to get my micros last month,

its in East Orange NJ on Main Street, next to Rent a Center.

If you are vocal about not putting your hair in tight they listen.
The rent a center by shoprite?

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Rent a Center , Braiding Salon , Chinese Food Store, and then H&R Block.
hmmm ok Im going to check them out
did you take your micros out yet? They are gonna curse me out cuz Ill probably talk the entire time to ensure Im understood!
I think I found it . Is it called Essence Braids and Weaves?
Yes, I took them out for the natural hair show.

That's the name. I would go there again

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