Dry Style/Styling: Wash and Go's?

I could have sworn there was a thread here around 2009 where someone said they were dry styling Wngs with curl activator gel in the warmer months.

I cant for the life of me find it so I said what the heck , lemme start another one.

Its about that time for WnG's to become a lot more prominent in my hairstyling. I have played with this in the past but not fully.

Has anyone dry styled their WnG's on a consistent basis? Either by washing as normal , adding a leave in and then waiting completly for the hair to dry OR converting a twistout/braidout to a WnG on a consistent basis?
I am so happy this is on someone else's mind. I found a video on YouTube after trying to define my 4b/4c curls with no success. The video is by kinksNcurls. The link is below. I can't attest to the success because I'm not going to get to try it until tomorrow but I figured you might at least get to watch the video. Good luck!

~32~ Defining my curls on Dry hair! - YouTube
I always define my texture over night and let it air dry over night. I split my hair in 4 sections..apply leave in, gel, and seal.Doing them over night also allows my hair to stretch out over night. I've been doing it for 2 weeks straight now, and its pretty much become my current method for doing them. When I wake up in the morning it's usually 85%-100% dry.

Day 2 on overnight WNG style.
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Wash and go's have been my staple since I started my journey. (Still in TWA stage). I style with conditioner only as that's usually gives me all the hold I need. I style either at night or in the morning. I never walk out the house with dripping wet hair but its damp. Sometimes I diffuse, but not really lol. I haven't been sick yet. (Knocks on wood). Here's a pic, I uses EEHH then seal with Jojoba oil. I wash once a week with Renpure Organics Moisturizing Shampoo, then condition with Aubrey Organics Deep Conditioner. I occasionally deep condition and give myself a protein treatment. HTH!

Dry Style/Styling: Wash and Go's?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1358521032.966542.jpg
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I've done this for a couple months from September to December when it started getting too cold. I'd wash my hair at night, put in conditioner, and put my hair in to large braids to keep tangling to a minimum.

In the morning I took down my hair and styled it with eco styler. It was mostly dry, just damp on the insides towards my roots. I had to wash my hair early enough in the evening to give it a chance to air dry a bit before putting in the braids. I liked it, it just doesn't work for me in the dead of winter.
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I am a wash and go girl who does not mind going out with very wet hair and letting it air dry (in car with window down or heat on ...), regardless of weather. But I sometimes do my was and go at night and let hair dry at least 80% before going to bed. I use my satin scarf or Bonnet while sleeping and in the morning I use the most revelatory trick I leaned watching a 2009 video from mahogannycurls in which she shows you how to refresh your curls in the morning. Use a spray bottle filled with water (or half water half aloe Vera juice*) an spray hair till it is saturated. In or out of the shower and with a towel over shoulders if necessary. Wait seconds or 1min or so to let water saturate hair. As you do, your flattened curls/hair will start to revive/swell. Do not touch with hands. Do not comb. Shake hair to loosen curls.
I have 4a /3c hair mid-neck length if stretched.
*some people add oil to their water spray. Google to see the many things you can add. For me plain water works but I ll sometimes add aloe Vera juice and even rosewater.

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