1 yr after combing out Loc extensions

hey gals! i had loc extensions placed on my 5 inch all natural hair May 2010. May 2011 i unraveled the extension and spent 36 hours detangling an additional 5 inchesnof locced hair that had grew and beenretwisted throughout that year. So under my extension wraps my 5 inches of hair was the same as the day sh wrapped it. still straight. not brittle or damaged at all.

im ashamed to say that after i combed out my locs i only need a good trim and conditioning. My hair was the longest its ever been! and i ruined it quick weaves...only 3! i did more damage removing quickweaves than removing my locs. So ive beeb wearing sew ins the past year but their not helpin my damaged hair.

Im close to doing a 2nd big chop at this point cuz i can clearly see 2 textures. my end 3-5 inches r all fuzzy and split and uneven. the hair closer to my scalp has more definite curl pattern.

What do yall recommend to bring my hair back to life?
I reccomed for you to do the big chop. You said you hair is damaged and has 2 textures so what other choice
do you have?
If your hair is splitting I think you already know the answer.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.
If nothing else, I can advise you to be extremely weary of heat. Your hair sounds like it's in the perfect conditon for heat-induced breakage.
When you get two textures like that, though, there really is kinda only one option...

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I recommend you do a big chop, your hair will love you for it and just be sure to keep your hair moisturized, do deep conditioning when you can and stay away from products with alcohols, sulfates and silicones. Do wash and go's and let your hair breath.
you left the extensions in for a year? why do you have two textures? was your hair damaged by heat bcz you left some hair out with your weaves?

seems as though your protective styles aren't helping you.
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