Nappy? Does it OFFEND you?

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I don't like the term because when I hear it being used it is only in a negative context... usually when the whole debate about good vs. bad hair comes up. I like the term nappy as much as I like how people use the world "frizzy" to describe kinky/curly hair. I much prefer the term kinky over nappy. But people can say what they want, it's whatever to me.
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This is not a fashion trend, it's not a statement, it's pride for who we are and what we look like. And that is where our true beauty shines.

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I affectionately refer to my "naps". I have no ill feelings toward them. The only other person who has called my hair "nappy" is my mom, and it's definitely meant as a joke. If I show up at her house with my hair unkempt she'll say " Ooh, GIRL! You got to do something with those naps!" We always have a good laugh. She loves my hair I also wouldn't lose any sleep if someone called my hair nappy to disrespect me. They don't pay my bills and at the end of the day don't have to go home with them! If they like giving themselves a false sense of superiority due to my "nappy" texture, then the joke is on them. Not my problem.
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Nope it doesn't I say my hair is nappy all the time, because I have the power to change its meaning. Hurrr nappy but I'm happy tho! <3
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Nope it doesn't I say my hair is nappy all the time, because I have the power to change its meaning. Hurrr nappy but I'm happy tho! <3
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I agree!

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A lot of people have different views on the term. Ive seen some people take offense to the word nappy and others embrace it and refer to their own hair as "nappy" with pride. Just interested in other views. Are you offended if someone refers to your hair as nappy? Do you refer to your own hair as nappy?
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I always thought nappy meant cottony (derogatory meaning aside). And my hair is cottony, so that is why I don't mind calling my hair nappy.

Now nappy meaning tangled? Lol, my hair is tangle prone...that is how it protects itself since each strand is so fragile, kinky, and fine. One strand on its own doesn't stand a chance of survival, so when I detangle, I keep this in mind. However, my hair is rarely ill maintained or unkept these days.

So the word itself does not offend me when applied to my hair. But people's ignorance surrounding my hair's nappiness sometimes does offend me.

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yes, because all the times I've heard it growing up, it's been used negativity. I refer to my hair a kinky-curly, that's just me
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Certain attitudes offends me, regardless of words used/not used.
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