How do you treat your ends?

Does anyone apply oil alone directly to the ends of their hair? No water based moisturizer first, just seal the ends at night with the oil?

How do you treat your ends on a daily or weekly basis?
I've recently started GHEing my ends, and will probably do so once or twice per week, using just EVOO
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I use creamy water based moisturizer then seal with butter. Butters on the length of my hair is too heavy but just on the ends has greatly reduced ssk's for me.
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I haven't been moisturizing and sealing like I used to, and my ends are cursing me out because of it. I usually use a little bit of leave in and then some type of oil on my ends.
No, not straight oil. I usually spray my tea spritz before adding any sealant.
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Yes, I do sometimes. Noticed that just adding oil slows the moisture from evaporating so I don't have to re-apply a moisturizer to ends every single day, maybe once or twice in between washes instead. I like to use argan oil (camden gray) or avocado oil (whole foods).

Edit: I have recently been doing avocado oil pre-washes weekly (on dry hair). I never understood why it would be beneficial, but my hair really takes to that particular oil I guess because it's much more sheeny, less knots and detangling time has been cut in half. My hair benefits from regular oiling.
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I use Njoi's Shanti Oil on my ends year round. I spritz with water or I run a thin moisturizer throughout the length then seal the ends with the oil. I oil rinse more in the summer because I've abandoned using heavy butters when its hot out so that helps keeps my hair moisturized since I'm doing wng's exclusively while its really hot out.

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Normally, whatever leave-in I am using is applied to my length and then reapplied to the last 1-2 inches of my hair while twisting. I have never been a big sealer... I try to only manipulate (wash/DC/twist) my hair once a week if I can. I think leaving my hair alone has really helped my retention, that and keeping my ends off my clothes.
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I oil my ends with JBCO. I often lightly mist the length of my hair with water first, and then seal with a pomade.

Just oil, and no water/water-based moisturizer first? Not often. Oils are tricky for me...they tend to "sit" on my hair, unless moisture is applied first.
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I put some extra leave-in on my ends and seal my entire length with oil. I only do that when it's wet though, otherwise I just spray some moisture mist on my hair and make sure my ends get saturated with it.

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I like to put shea butter on my ends or grape seed oil
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Im porous so ive always sealed with an oil, then shea butter on the ends. Then I started sealing the length with butter but still would put extra on the ends when set it. Lately ive actually been using a pudding type product (oyin whipped, camille rose almond jai etc) OR castor oil on them when I reset them and thats made a huge difference.. thats a cpl times a week.
I know I'm excessive.. But I seal twice a day most of the time.. Maybe like 3 times a week. I spritz my hair with water and seal my ends with coconut oil. Then during the day, I refresh with water, gel and seal again with the oil. It works pretty well. I guess.. We'll know in a year or so if my hair is growing long and strong..
Hey I've been watching a couple of vids from this girl's YT channel and this video made me think of this thread. She basically only uses oil on her hair and ends in between washes. I like her explanation on why she does it and how it benefits her hair.

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me and castor oil have a love affair

I wet my hair and slide some castor oil on it. Happy happy happy.

I will try it on some twists on sunday if i remember
I don't use oil alone. I use a leave-in or moisturizer (e.g. Shea Moisture's Coconut & Hisbiscus Curl Milk, Oyin Handmade Hair Dew) and my oil mixture (i.e., coconut, EVOO, peppermint, rosemary) on the entire length of my hair. I will give a little extra to my ends, though.
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i spritz with water and apply bask sweet mana.
I use pure olive oil on my ends.

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Love coconut oil, olive oil, and Everyday Shea!
I have so many oil blends around my room and bathroom lol. My current loves including using my castor jelly mixed with other oils (like meadowfoam seed and coconut) on my hair length and ends after washing and Detangling. It's thicker helps reduce frizz, clump up the strands and lock in moisture.

I oil the hair every other day or so with creamy cafe latte or a coconut
oil. Castor on the ended sometimes
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