twists on loosely curled hair

Hello everyone,

I would like to try wearing a head of twists, but I have extreme trouble getting them to stay twisted no matter how tightly I initially make it. By the time I finish one another becomes unraveled.

I don't want to depend on something like gel because I will need to rinse them daily anyway.

My hair is mostly 4a in curl size but the curls are very loose, even wavy rather than coily. While soaking wet my curls lay very flat and weighed down.

If I want to wash my hair in sections I have to use clamps, as even 4-6 braids unravel from being weighed down by water.

Does anyone else have this type of curl? Have you found a solution to wearing braids, besides only wearing them dry?
I have the same problem with my twists. They only look like twists until I start moisturizing them then they just start looking like intertwined curls. If they get wet, they unravel on the ends, so I put my hair in plaits when I wash them. I just use twists as a way of keeping my hair from tangling.
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yes I know they will look like that, actually I prefer they look like that except that they unravel so quickly that I can't even finish a set of twists in the first place
Are u twisting on wet or dry hair? I do dry hair that has been picked out to an afro. for me, twist work better on that texture

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I am trying to do wet twists, I dont like the look of dry twists
I have this issue, my hair doesnt stay in twists longer than a day but have you tried the kinky twist method. I think its also called senegalese twists.
Ultimately, you twist each strand separately then twist the two strands together and they lock together. Turns out very pretty and they seem to last.

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What size do you make your twists? If you make them medium sized, try making them smaller or try 3 strand twists as I hear they hold up better on finer hair. You can also use a stronger holding gel. Make sure you're twisting tightly (not too tight), since it will loosen a bit when you finish the twist.

Naptural 85 has tips on mini twists, you don't necessarily have to make them that small and you can apply the same tips to medium twists. She suggests starting at the root and moving further down the twist when that section feels taught. Hope that makes sense.
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I did some Senegalese twists and they came out really pretty. I would upload a photo but CT still having issues. That said I dont think they are for me unless I ever decide to leave twists in for a long time. I usually do two days max. I also found them harder to unravel.
Oh, and size does matter with two strand. My hair wont hold chunky twist. Only my nape hair goes straight when wet and it is harder to hold twists but i use gel or curl creme or just leave it loose because it doesnt shrink as much.
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