Atlanta World Natural Hair & Beauty Show October 2012

Hi Ladies,

Is anyone attending the Natural Hair Show in October? I wish there was a little more information available on the Natural Hair website. I am 85% sure I'm going just trying to get some of my peeps to travel with me. Any tips and/or ideas will be appreciated!

I'm actually surprised they don't have more info, considering it's 3 months away. It's tricky...what's your reason for going? I'm a PJ, so I went to shop. I didn't care about the fashion shows, entertainment, guest vloggers, etc. I just wanted products.

So for ME, it would be hard to commit to go, without first knowing what vendors are on the lineup - they should have vendor commitments by now. However, for the April show, the vendor list was not accurate. There were folks not on the list, who were there, and folks on the list who were MIA.

The product deals (real deals, not the same promotions you can get online) weren't plentiful, and some of the vendors were...questionable. There were too many "shea butter/fragrance oil" folks, along with cheapie earring/jewelry stands. Miss Jessie's was not there...and I was all set to give her some money (for the first and last time).

With the show being in October, the weather will be cooler, which will be nice. Be prepared for disorganization, and be sure to purchase your e-tickets in advance...and bring the email confirmation with you. Stay at the Airport Marriot Gateway hotel...great hotel experience, and you're steps away from the GICC.

Hopefully, you'll get some responses. Those of us who went to the April show planned a dinner meetup that Friday before the show. That was one of the highlights for me. You can do the same.
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Im not a pj except for conditioners. I have already given away some of my swag from my hair shows and will likely toss some it. I am more interested in education about caring for natural hair and learning new styling techniques. I dont mind them trying to demostrate their product but I do mind a straight informercial. Teach me something about detangling, application, proper shampooing and not just tell me to use your miracle product to cure all my hair woes. I actually walked out of one speaker who I could tell was a waste of my time. The Company brought two relaxed ladies in as models and the stylists had bad weaves. I will have to look at show info. I have dad and cousins in ATL who I can crash with.
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Hello Ladies. I hope you all will attend Texas Largest Natural Hair Event in December. There will be many "real deals" and we are preparing to host the largest African American Shopping Event in the Nation. We hope all the naturals will come out to be a part of this. Check it out at

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